Cleaning Products US | Day 2

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 | Day 2

Day 2: October 2

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Session II: Market Disruptions: Ecommerce and Automated Laundry Care

Shipping a liquid cleaning product can be messy, learn how to maximize package design to make it from the factory to your customers doorstep without damaging your product.  Find out about the latest digital trends driving you to success from building your online community through customer engagement, to personalization and mobile optimization.  Gain the best brand visibility by utilizing social media, email marketing, automatization and technology. Find out about how automated laundry care is disrupting the industry.

  1. An Amazon Expedition: Designing Packaging for a Journey Through the E-Commerce Jungle

    Brent Lindberg | Founder and Principal of Fuseneo, USA

    The e-commerce terrain is a tangle of packaging pitfalls and sustainability snares. Where to start? Which Amazon certification is right for your product? Can your business really afford to create new e-commerce packaging? Can you afford not to?

    Fuseneo is a creative team with a focus on structural packaging and a belief that the best solutions come through simplicity and curiosity; both in the way we approach projects and partnerships.  We think the best solutions can come by looking across industries and often combining technologies.  After all, why can't the next packaging solution for e-commerce be inspired by the automotive industry? Or lobsters?  Or furniture?  Or bubble mowers?

    We combine this inquisitiveness with tools like our Responsive Research approach, using insightful stimulus to compress timelines, uncover landmines and make packaging innovation more attainable to brands of all sizes.

    Brent Lindberg will be your guide through the chaotic landscape, sharing the experience his team at Fuseneo has gained designing for Amazon and other brands. Learn how to create packaging for e-commerce that is sustainable for both the environment and your business. Don’t forget to pack your bug spray and a rain poncho!

  2. Case Study: Maintaining Shelf Life Through a Successful eCommerce Strategy

    Betsy McGinn | CEO of McGinn eComm

    Helping dozens of consumer products companies of every size dramatically build eCommerce revenue, implement best practices, and lead execution with Amazon and other key partners, speaker Betsy McGinn created and led the first eCommerce strategy for Seventh Generation, the leading natural  home/baby/personal care company, which resulted in a thriving, multi-million dollar business with partners like Amazon and Quidsi. In addition to her experience at Seventh Generation, Betsy has a long history of working with natural products brands such as Tazo Tea and Terra Chips, providing her broad experience in both the U.S. and Canada. Betsy is a regular speaker at workshops around the world, including Natural Products Expo, Specialty Food Association events, The Hirshberg Entrepreneurship Institute and Kantar Retail Group forums.

  3. Perfect Wash - The Future of Fully Automated Laundry Care in Europe and the World

    David Mackinson | Research Manager of Euromonitor International

    The automation of home laundry has sat in R&D technology pipelines for decades, usually as a “blue sky” ideal to strive for. IFA 2017 (Internationale Funkausstellung - Berlin) and CES 2018 (The Global Stage for Innovation – Las Vegas) both revealed new technologies as well as an interesting new process philosophy that serves to re-frame this topic. Automation across the laundry process is now seen as more feasible and inside a more realistic appliance footprint. A post-2020 solution is in the works and its proliferation has become a question of when…rather than if.

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Session III: Sustainability in an Ever-changing Climate

Sustainability goes beyond recycling and using bio-based products. While these elements are a key step towards staying sustainable, learn about strategic collaborations happening in the industry overcome challenges and plan for the environment’s future.  How is waste being used to create new products? Learn about how Tide Purclean was developed through innovation with a focus on efficacy towards consumer sustainability.

  1. Chemical Formulators Panel – Trends and challenges

    Panelists Include: Croda, Univar, Evonik

    Moderator: Nhat Nguymen, Chief Analyst, Chemical Watch

    Leading chemical companies will tackle the following questions followed by an audience Q&A

    • What is the biggest challenge you’re facing and how are you working to solve the problem?
    • What is your organization doing to innovate based off of industry demands?
    • How are you addressing your environmental profile and impact?
    • How are you working to reduce COV exposure in your product?

    Panelists include:

    • Scott Tuchinski, Global Sales Director – Home Care & Water Treatment, Croda
    • Jack Fox, Application Development Specialist, Univar
    • Jennifer Goodyear, Chemist, Evonik
  2. First clean the House, then Clean the Planet: Recycling Cleaning Product Plastics

    Anthony Rossi | Vice President, Business Development of Terracycle

    International leader in the collection and repurposing of difficult to recycle postconsumer postindustrial waste.  Across 21 countries, Terracyle collects and repurposes billions of pieces of waste generating millions of dollars in donations for schools and charities in the process. Many of the world’s largest consumer product companies contract with Terracycle to collect and recycle the products and packaging and products they produce.

    Learn how to make sure your cleaning product is sustainable with the ever-growing consumer demand for “green” products.  Case studies and practical examples will be presented on how specific companies were successful with their endeavor to stay sustainable, and stories of failure.  In this session we will touch on what type of labeling is required as a starting point to staying sustainable.

  3. Laundry, Sustainability & the Circular Economy

    Procter and Gamble

    • Tide Purclean: How the product was developed through innovation with a focus on efficacy towards consumer sustainability
    • Encouraging sustainable consumer behaviors with cold water washing practices and modified water usage

    Co presenters:

    Elizabeth Kinney, Senior Communications Manager, Procter & Gamble
    Todd Cline, Section Head – North America Fabric Care R&D, Procter & Gamble

  4. Panel: Encouraging Your Consumer to Practice Sustainability

    Panelists include: Terracycle, Puracy, P&G, Aunt Fannie's

    Moderator: Brian Sansoni, Sustainability Initiatives; Vice President, Communication & Membership, American Cleaning Institute

    This panel will discuss the rise in demand for “safe” chemicals and eco-friendly household cleaning.  The worldwide Cleaning Industry Association considers transparency in cleaning products “a marketplace phenomenon that is being driven by customer demand

    • Anthony Rossi, VP Global Business Development, Terracycle
    • Sean Busch, Co-founder, Puracy
    • Mat Franken, CEO, Aunt Fannie's 
    • Elizabeth Kinney, Senior Communications Manager, P&G
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  6. Breakout Into Tracks

    Choose between which breakout session suits your needs more between Marketing in the Digital Age vs. Innovations in the Chemistry of Cleaning Products.

Track 1 | Marketing in a Digital Age

Business of Cleaning Products: Marketing in the Digital Age

  1. Retail Storytelling: Engaging with the ‘Allergy-Aware’ Consumer

    Courtney Sunna | VP of Strategic Business Development of Allergy Standards

    In an age of tremendous retail uncertainty, one thing is certain: Boring retail is dead.

    A new wave of retail also brings an opportunity for disruption, so how can brands and retailers innovate with creative digital experiences, both in stores and online?

    Courtney Sunna, VP of Strategic Business Development with Certified asthma & allergy friendly®, helps companies understand the buying journey of the highly-engaged ‘Allergy-Aware’ consumer group, a + $40 billion market that is looking to connect with brands that value family health and safety.

    Storytelling can be woven into the buying journey to create a highly personalized shopping experience that resonates, sticks, and leads to fiercely loyal customers who ‘sniff out’ healthier products to meet their needs.

  2. Standing Out Among the Crowd: Maintaining Positive Online Reviews

    Marshall Hayes | Founder of Amplio Digital

    Learn how to stand out among the crowd of competitors to make your product a top seller.  Amplio Digital is an Amazon Marketplace, Digital Advertising, and Growth Marketing firm who specializes on growing online sales.

  3. Panel: Marketing to Consumers of Multiple Generations

    Panelists Include: Amplio Digital, McGinn eComm Consulting

    As the internet continutes to disrupt how consumers make purchasing decions, it becomes challenging to effectively customize your approach to market your product to different generations. Demographics, the products, trends, consumer income and location all influence buying power. How can you capture the attention of a wid range of generations through the perceived value of your products when the market has such varying preferences in vaue, advertising channels and preferences? Learn how to effectively market your products to a wide range of target demographics during this exciting panel discussion of media and advertising experts.

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  5. Panel - Dirt: The Only thing that Never Changes - Marketing to Multiple Generations

    Panelists Include: Amplio Digital, McGinn eComm Consulting

    As the internet continues to disrupt how consumers make purchasing decisions, it becomes challenging to effectively customize your approach to market your product to different generations.  Demographics, the products, trends, consumer income and location all influence buying power.  How can you capture the attention of a wide range of generations through the perceived value of your products when the market has such varying preferences in value, advertising channels and preferences?  Learn how to effectively market your products to a wide range of target demographics during this exciting panel discussion of media and advertising experts.

  6. Case Study: How ThreeMain’s Cleaning Products are Designed to Help Make an Impact on the Plastic Crisis

    Lauren Simonelli | Co-Founder of ThreeMain

    We all know that our world is experiencing a plastic crisis – it's so bad that by 2050, our oceans will have more plastic by weight than fish. We’ve seen shifts in many spaces that are trying to address this problem – restaurants banning plastic straws, towns banning the use of plastic bags, new companies selling reusable produce bags and stainless steel straws, etc., but our space had yet to see any massive changes. Companies are making great impact by using recycled and/or ocean-bound plastic, flexible refill packaging, and more. But as a whole, we’re still generating a significant amount of plastic. At ThreeMain, we built our business around trying to make an impact. We’re helping consumers who care about the environment take an important step to reduce household plastic usage. Our reusable aluminum bottles, coupled with our recyclable refill pouches, reduces plastic consumption by 80%, when compared to a traditional plastic bottle.

    Through research and surveying customers from all walks of life, we found that there was a market for our offering, as there are so many consumers that want to make an impact not only on their health, but also on the planet. That being said, many of those same consumers are not willing to sacrifice efficacy or their time to make this impact. They want products that make their lives healthier and easier.

    Learn how ThreeMain developed a niche membership offering that leverages eco-friendly formulas and packaging, as well as how they used crowd-funding and social media tools to shape their offering/brand.

  7. Roadmaps for growth: aligning around a common vision for the future

    Dr. Peter Allen | Co-Founder of nu Angle

    Consumer products businesses make money by understanding consumer needs and deploying technology to produce compelling products that meet those needs – and there is a lot of science in cleaning products. Part of the challenge these days is predicting the evolution of rapidly evolving consumer preferences in a way that allows you to invest in the right technologies and then being able to configure them in a way that creates attractive and profitable products.

    Chemistry-led businesses find themselves in the digital age, environmental concerns drives new chemistries, the shift from selling products to selling solutions, subscription models of business, evolving understanding of biofilms requiring different cleaning strategies, to name but a few of the issues that you face.

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Track 2 | Innovations in Chemistry

Innovations in the Chemistry of Cleaning Products

  1. Climate change and the environmental footprint

    Scott Tuchinsky | Global Sales Director - Home Care & Water Treatment of Croda

    Mitigating against climate change means decoupling growth from environmental footprint. With increased recognition of embedded carbon in H&PC supply chains the move away from fossil based chemistry to performance identical, renewable bio-based ingredients represents a fundamental step forward.

  2. Investing in Market Driven Innovation

    Annemarieke Van Heeswijk | Global Category Leader Liquid Enzymes of DuPont Home & Personal Care Division

    Consumer research on macro trends such as “clean and green” has impacted product development strategies to better reflect consumer needs.  Enzymes are widely accepted as ingredients to improve the cleaning efficiency and fabric care benefits of detergents but enzyme stability is critical to guarantee the detergent delivers these benefits.  Learn how choosing the right enzyme can save you money and safeguard your brand.

  3. They have Chemistry: Cleaning Chemical and Chemical Companies Working Together

    Monica Becker | Co-Director and Innovation Project Lead of Green Chemistry and Commerce Council

    What’s new on preserving preservatives?  The Green Chemistry Council will provide an update regarding industry collaborations on preservatives which is critical for product safety.  Typically unheard of, industry competitors are getting together to solve the challenges and problems. 

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  5. A Perspective on Algae for Chemical and Surfactant Production

    Lieve Laurens | Senior Scientist & Project Lead – Bioenergy R&D of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

    Algae have tremendous potential to contribute as feedstocks to a future biobased chemical industry. Algae-based products even have potential to drive the critically needed transition from research to commercialization scale of algae farms. By implementing an integrated cost-value framework, our work focuses on increasing the intrinsic value of the biomass. Experimental work in our laboratory centers around the identification and isolation of key co-products beyond lipid-based fuels in a multi-product algae biorefinery model, commensurate with a scalable conversion process. This fractionation approach generates feed streams for upgrading strategies to bioproducts among which a sustainable supply of oleochemical replacements for typical petrochemical feedstocks, such as polyurethane polymers and fatty acids and isoprene-lipids for surfactants will be discussed  A second major objective of our work focuses on uncertainties surrounding current harmonized economical models for biofuels and bioproducts synthesis and productivity assessments, analytical experimental procedures support the generation of verified data to underpin the economic base-case and set realistic process and cost targets for future strain improvements.

  6. Allergens And The Air That We Breathe: the testing process and rationale behind asthma and allergy friendly certification standards

    Dr Joey DeCourcey | Senior Scientific Officer of Allergy Standards

    Reducing exposure to inhalant indoor allergens through a multifaceted approach can improve asthma control. An essential component of this is regular cleaning regimes that remove rather than redistribute indoor allergens. Claims such as “hypo-allergenic” or “allergen free” are not protected and often not subjected to scientific testing. As consumers become increasingly aware of asthma and allergy triggers in their homes and in the products they use, we work with global companies to help them develop healthier products. Furthermore, we offer a higher level of confidence for consumers conscious about their home environment and looking to improve their indoor air quality. The asthma & allergy friendly® program certifies a range of products that have been proven through rigorous testing standards to be more suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers. In this talk I will discuss the testing process and the rationale behind the asthma & allergy friendly®  certification standards.

  7. Panel: Is Grass Really Greener on the Other Side? The Future of Innovation in Green Chemistry

    Panelists Include: EPA, Novozymes, Green Chemistry and Commerce Council, NREL, DuPont

    • Lieve Laurens, Senior Scientist and Project Lead, Bioenergy R&D, NREL
    • Monica Becker, Co-Director and Innovation Project Lead, Green Chemistry and Commerce Council
    • Todd Krieger, Manager, Product Stewardship & Regulatory, DuPont
    • Tom Burns, Staff Scientist, Technical Services, Novozymes
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