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Cleaning Products US 2019 | Day 1

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 | Day 1

Day 1 | October 1st, 2019

Registration and Welcome

Registration & Exhibit Hall Open   

  1. Registration & Exhibit Hall Open

  2. Opening Remarks

    Alyssa Perna, Head of Operations & Production, Americas - Smithers and Brian Sansoni, Senior Vice President, Communications, Outreach & Membership, American Cleaning Institute

Session I: Transparency and Opportunity: Navigating an Ever-changing Landscape

This session will discuss new trends and challenges in the Global and North American cleaning products market.  We will discuss how the global shift towards transparency is affecting product formulations and marketing strategies and how to respond to consumer demands.  This session will cover growth opportunities, environmental and health concerns, and the US Natural Household consumer.


  • Brian Sansoni, Senior Vice President, Communications, Outreach & Membership, American Cleaning Institute
  • Deborah Martin, Global Product Stewardship and Sustainability, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences
  1. Key Technical Problems the Cleaning Products Industry will Face in the Future

    Bryan Parrish | Research Fellow – Cleaning Innovation and Product Development of The Clorox Company

    Coming soon!

  2. How the Global Shift for Transparency is Affecting Product Formulations and Marketing Strategies

    Marianne Zappone | Worldwide Director, Home Care R&D of Colgate-Palmolive

    In multiple markets across the globe, people are becoming more knowledgeable about the ingredients in their cleaning products. The explosion of internet access and apps from NGOs has provided the average consumer unprecedented access to information about their products, and the rise of new brands focusing on transparency has driven consumer, and in many cases, legislator interest.

    Consumer products companies are reacting to the call for transparency in multiple ways. This presentation will highlight the impact of transparency on product formulations and R&D resource allocation, as well as the opportunities and challenges for Marketing strategies, and how the focus is being shifted for both functions from what the product does to what the product is or is not. These changes in consumer and regulatory perspectives will have a far-reaching implications for consumer product companies across functions.

  3. The Global Cleaning Products Marketplace: Responding to Changing Household Demands

    Khaled Samirah | Research Analyst of Euromonitor International

    With healthy projected growth ahead and estimated unmet global potential of more than USD100 billion, the home cleaning products industry remains an attractive space. The developed markets certainly continue to face some challenges, from product saturation to environmental and health concerns. The developing regions, on the other hand, will continue to drive demand, following improved incomes, better access to infrastructure and facilities like running water and electricity, and better product availability.      

    In this presentation, Euromonitor International will discuss:

    Global industry projections and key factors behind future growth
    Key consumer and household trends that shape product demand, including changing household and family structure, consumer approach to inner spaces, wellness trends
    Category snapshots:

    • Laundry detergents: Product dynamic in developing versus developed regions
    • Air care: Attention to air quality, industry disruptors and learnings, business opportunities in the concept of “home as health hub”
    • Surface care: Changing surfaces, environmental challenges, industry disruptors and opportunities in driving value in Smart Homes ecosystem.
  4. The US Natural Household Consumer

    Jamie Rosenberg | Senior Global Household and Personal Care Analyst of Mintel

    The natural household consumer is complex and sometimes contradictory, but is also evolving. The opinions of committed natural consumers differ sharply with consumers who are inextricably linked to mainstream products. Yet in making natural products more relevant to more consumers, brands also have a lot of common ground with which to work. This presentation will look at how health, sustainability, efficacy and social justice are coalescing to create a more dynamic natural household product market.

  5. Networking Break

Session II: Success Inside and Outside the Box: Exploring the Elements That Create the Product

Unpack the elements which go into creating a finished cleaning product.  Learn about how to connect scent design to customer satisfaction, packaging challenges in the US including sustainability and reducing plastics, the future of appliance design, detergent formulations and an update on ecommerce.  End the session by bringing the supply chain together to discuss the distribution challenges, opportunities and areas to focus on for industry improvement. 


  • Brian Sansoni, Senior Vice President, Communications, Outreach & Membership, American Cleaning Institute
  • Deborah Martin, Global Product Stewardship and Sustainability, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences
  1. Interactive Experience: Connecting Scent Design to Consumer Satisfaction

    Melanie Ciriaco | Group Scent Design Manager, Global Fabric Care of IFF

    Hear from a leading scent design manager regarding the artistry of scent design for laundry and fabric care products.  This unique talk offers the ability to smell experiential scents that offer more sophistication in fragrance choices and odor complexity in scent paring.  You’ll learn more about the circular economy and the sustainable approaches IFF takes, while keeping in mind concerns for fragrance allergens and heightened consumer awareness.   Learn more through this interactive experience regarding how a perfumer goes about designing a fragrance that will perform well for your customers.

  2. Packaging Challenges: Sustainability and Working to Eliminate Single Use Plastics

    Duane Neidert | Vice President, Americas - Information Division of Smithers

    From the rise of ecommerce and the impact it has had on sustainability, to packaging innovations that deliver on supply chain demands and sustainability goals - gain an overview on what’s happening within the packaging industry.  Learn about the growth outlook for sustainable ecommerce packaging by region, end use and material type and hear about the degree of recyclability while having an attractive product.  Answer important questions like:

    • How do we trend away from using plastics in packaging, and shift our focus toward renewable or reusable products, or compostable packaging? 
    • What is being done to prevent plastics from getting into the ocean? 
    • What are major consumer brands doing with product design to have more sustainable packaging?
  3. Future of Appliance Design: Balancing the innovation triangle between consumer expectations, regulations and innovative design

    Michael Mattingly | Executive Director – Product Management, Clothes Care of GE Appliances, A Haier Company

    Cleaning products interact so closely with appliances, yet when you mix consumer expectations with the complicated regulatory environment, it makes designing for the future complex.  The challenge comes from the tradeoff that appliance manufactures make between balancing regulatory requirements, mixed with what the consumer wants and expects.  From water regulation and energy use, to reducing the carbon footprint - hear how GE Appliances goes about designing products that interact best with smart washing machines including the future of appliance design, sustainability in the industry, and so much more. 

  4. Dishwashing appliance trends’ impact on detergent formulation

    Annemarieke Van Heeswijk | Global Marketing Manager – Detergent Enzymes of DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences

    The key global dishwashing appliance trends are aiming to provide solutions for convenience, unmet cleaning needs and sustainability. In North America, many dishwasher manufacturers are looking at decreasing the cycle time to help consumers keep their fast pace while reducing their impact on the environment. The new energy efficient automatic dishwashing machines have a short cycle option. Since cleaning performance is a function of time, temperature, mechanical action and chemistry, the detergent contribution must compensate for the loss of cycle time to achieve the usual cleaning performance level. DuPont will showcase that enzymes are key ingredients to address these types of challenges.

  5. Panel – Strengthening the Links of Today’s Supply Chain

    Panelists Include: GE Appliances, Colgate-Palmolive, and The Clorox Company

    Moderator: Brian Sansoni, Senior Vice President, Communications, Outreach & Membership, American Cleaning Institute

    Michael Mattingly, Executive Director – Product Management, Clothes Care, GE Appliances
    Marianne Zappone, Worldwide Director, Home Care R&D at Colgate-Palmolive
    Bryan Parrish, Research Fellow – Cleaning Innovation and Product Development, The Clorox Company

    Members of the cleaning products supply chain will discuss the distribution challenges, opportunities and areas to focus on for improvement.  How can we get the final product to the consumer fast and efficiently?  How are greater demands for transparency affecting the bonds between product manufacturers and suppliers?

    The panel will discuss these current and evolving challenges from packaging to environmental issues and how ecommerce has affected the supply chain.  

  6. Evening Reception