Cleaning Products US 2018 | Day 1

Monday, October 1, 2018 | Day 1

Day 1: October 1st

Registration Opens & welcome coffee

Registration and Welcome

  1. Registration Opens & Welcome Coffee

  2. Welcome & Opening Remarks

    Alyssa Perna Head of Production & Operations - Americas, Smithers

Session I: Cleaning Products Market Overview and Addressing Consumer Transparency

In the opening session of our conference, leading industry experts share insights on the latest industry trends starting with an overview of the cleaning products market.  While consumer transparency dominates the discussion, find out about what disruptive digital technologies and recent advances are emerging in the industry.

  1. Connecting, Transforming & Innovating: The Supply Chain Today and Tomorrow

    Melissa Hockstad | President & CEO of American Cleaning Institute

    How is the cleaning product supply chain confronting the challenges its facing in the marketplace, regulatory and sustainability arenas? Through strategic alliances, enhanced transparency initiatives and investing in the future of the industry at-large, according to Melissa Hockstad, President & CEO of the American Cleaning Institute. As the leader of the trade association for cleaning products industry, she will highlight actions ACI is taking to support the growth and innovation of its member companies in the years to come.

  2. Disruptive Innovations in Digital Product Transparency

    Jim Flannery | Senior Executive Vice President, Operations, and Industry Collaboration of Grocery Manufacturers Association

    The new SmartLabel™ digital transparency initiative is growing rapidly, with more companies and brands using this digital platform to give consumers access to more information than could ever fit on a package label.

    As of the end of March, 2017, more than 5,600 products of 205 brands from 26 companies are using SmartLabel™. These include major food and consumer products manufacturers such as Unilever, Mondelez, Hershey, Coca Cola, General Mills, L’Oreal and Land O’ Lakes, retailers such as Ahold and Topco, and smaller brands such as Food for Life, Naked Bacon and PASCHA Chocolates. The complete list of products, brands and companies using SmartLabel can be found at

    Continuing the transparency conversation, learn about the new and innovative ways companies are communicating about what’s in their products through digital platforms.  Learn more about how to anticipate consumer trends, ad agency trends, and branding to consumers including who’s buying what. 

  3. HomeBiome Products: Transparent is the New Green

    Jamie Rosenberg | Senior Global Household and Personal Care Analyst of Mintel

    Today, probiotics are appearing in all home care sectors.  These products are influenced by new thinking within functional foods and personal care, where there is a growing emphasis on re-introducing good microorganisms to the body and skin. Probiotics have the potential to grow the home care category’s health and wellness stance, but can also redefine disinfection and what it means to have a clean and healthy home.

  4. Networking Break

  5. Wiping Away Old Standards to Stay Environmentally Sustainable

    Dave Rousse | President of INDA

    Wipes are an important element of the overall Cleaning Products domain.  In the world of wipes, there are two serious and related issues developing that cleaning products brand owners need to be aware of and get ahead of:  Flushability and the brewing War on Plastics.  Since almost all wipes are made with nonwoven fabrics, INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, is at the forefront of both issues.  I will discuss the threats, the facts, and the narrow path forward in these important, and related, areas of importance to the Cleaning Products industry.

  6. Recent Advances in Hard Surface Cleaning

    Nancy Falk | Research Fellow of The Clorox Company

    Developing novel technologies for consumer products has been in speaker Nancy Falk’s wheelhouse for over 20 years.  As a go-to person in R&D for The Clorox Company, this talk will explore recent advances in hard surface cleaning.  The unique perspective and experience Nancy has embedding intellectual property protection concerns into the earliest stages of an innovation discovery project will bring a unique perspective towards looking at new technologies and advances in the industry

  7. Panel: Communication Can Be Messy – An Open Discussion about Industry and Transparency

    Panelists Include: Mintel, GMA & INDA, The Good Home Company

    Openness and transparency is becoming event more critical to companies’ abilities to succeed today.  This panel will discuss the biggest challenges and current trends throughout the value chain from suppliers, to CPG’s, to retailers and what the consumer needs in terms of easy-to-understand information.  Ask questions to an expert lineup of panelists during this open discussion about what’s going on in the industry and how to stay transparent.

    Panelists include:

    • Jamie Rosenberg, Senior Global Household & Personal Care Analyst, Mintel
    • Jim Flannery, Grocery Manufacturers Association
    • David Rousse, President, INDA 
    • Christine Dimmick, CEO/Founder, The Good Home Company
  8. Global Market Overview: Key Opportunities and Challenges

    Antonio Calcagnotto | President of ALIADA (LATAM) – Corporate Affairs Director at UNILEVER Brazil of ABIPLA and ALIADA

    coming soon!

  9. Closing Remarks

  10. Welcome Reception