2019 Agenda

Pre-conference workshop

Regulation in cleaning products

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Workshop Chair's Opening Remarks

  3. Regulation (under REACH) as a driver for innovation in the supply chain

    Dr Peter Douben | Director of REACHWise

    • Pressure to collaborate to identify use
    • What are consumer expectations from a sustainability and “chemicals” perspective
    • What are the forthcoming regulatory pressures and how can consumer expectations be met at the same time?
  4. Upcoming regulations on silicones and implications for the industry

    Farooq Alam | Global Strategic Marketing of Dow Chemical

    • The impact of material restriction
    • D4/D5 threshold
  5. Biocides dossiers for disinfectant cleaning products: basics and specific issues

    Sophie Aviron-Violet | Biocides & Medicines Team Leader of Staphyt Regulatory

    • Biocidal Product Regulation 528/2012
    • ECHA
    • Risk assessment
  6. Networking Refreshments Break

  7. Relationship between the Detergents Regulation and CLP

    Dr Charlotte Blackburn | Regulatory Specialist of UL

    • Overview of the European Union Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) regulation
    • Compliance challenges 
    • Highlighting potential areas of concern

  8. UN GHS Revision 8: expected changes

    Tarn Brown | Principal: Hazard Communication Services of Yordas Group

    • GHS impacts on chemical hazard classification, labelling, packaging and safety data sheet legislation globally
    • Revision 8 updates to certain labelling rules including new pictogram related to child safety
    • Additional guidance on how to label hazardous kits / sets containing multiple packages
  9. Claims on cleaning products: are they helping or misleading the consumer?

    Ewa Daniel | Toxicologist and Chemical Director of AllergyCertified

    • Popular claims on detergents and how consumers are responding  
    • Rules and regulations regarding claims today
    • What we can expect in the future in regards to claims regulations 

  10. Joint Q&A and panel discussion: what does the future of regulation in cleaning products look like?

  11. Workshop Summary & Closing Remarks

  12. Close of Workshop


Tuesday 12 March

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    Ian Bell | Head of Home Care, Tissue & Hygiene Research of Euromonitor International

Cleaning products in 2019: a market overview

  1. An update on recent trends and market disruptions

    Ian Bell | Head of Home Care, Tissue & Hygiene Research of Euromonitor International

    • Market forecast for the cleaning products industry
    • Disruptive technolgogies and recent advances
    • What can we expect for the future?
  2. How the industry is preparing to tackle the political and societal agenda

    Dr Susanne Zänker | Director General of A.I.S.E.

    • Regulatory affairs activities and voluntary industry initiatives to promote sustainability  
    • Achievements and learnings to pave the way forward
    • The relevance of the product use phase and engaging with stakeholders to drive progress
  3. Impact of regulatory and consumers behaviour changes on cleaning product ingredients

    Carlos Ruiz | Senior Analyst of Kline & Company

    • An overview of the global HI&I cleaning ingredients market with a focus on Europe
    • Key regulations affecting finished products and ingredients and how formulator and ingredients suppliers are responding
    • How is the change in consumer behavior affecting the ingredients market?
  4. Networking Refreshments Break


  1. Regulatory view of the allergenic risk of cleaning products

    Gareth Evans | Principal Scientist and Technical Lead of Health & Safety Laboratory

    • Consumer safety
    • Enzyme survey monitoring and measurement
    • Occupational allergies
  2. Exposure to cleaning agents and respiratory health

    Cecilie Svanes | Professor of Centre for International Health, University of Bergen

    Additional speaker: Jan-Paul Zock, Researcher, RIVM, Centre for Sustainability, Environment & Health 

    • The link between cleaning and respiratory symptoms and conditions
    • Assessing the risk of cleaning agents that contain irritants, sensitisers and/or disinfectants
    • A look at respiratory health effects from enhanced inhalatory exposure including non-volatile agents
  3. Allergens and the air that we breathe

    Dr Joey DeCourcey | Senior Scientific Officer of Allergy Standards

    • The testing process and rationale behind asthma and allergy friendly certification standards
    • How reducing exposure to inhalant indoor allergens through a multifaceted approach can improve asthma control 
    • Engaging with the allergy-aware consumer 
  4. Joint Q&A and panel discussion: cleaning products and allergies – friend or foe?

    Dr James Hindley | Executive Director of Indoor Biotechnologies

    • Friend: cleaning products are vital for removing allergens from the indoor environment
    • Foe: cleaning products are a cause of allergies
    • Future challenges and opportunities in developing products
  5. Networking Lunch

Track A - Through the consumer lens

  1. Plastics and the consumer

    Michael Harris | Category Technical Manager of Sainsbury's Argos

    • How consumers are recycling – or not
    • The plastics pact commitments and timescale
    • Plans of the UK government regarding taxation on plastics 
  2. Analysing changing consumer needs: robotic cleaning, digital retail and microplastics

    Mauro Davanzo | Director R&D Above the Floor Category - EMEA Consumer of Vileda

    • Assessing robotic cleaning and future trends for more convenient cleaning
    • The impact of digital retail
    • Sensibility to microplastic as a new wave of sustainability trends
  3. Consumer needs and everyday challenges: how to keep your bathroom clean for longer

    Gabi Ohlendorf | Technical Application Manager EMEA of Clariant

    • Surface science: a macroscopic consumer problem – what is behind it?
    • How to find a cleaning solution to address these problems and how to measure the benefits
    • Related claims in European bathroom cleaner launches
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

  5. Sustainable fibre protection in laundry: responding to consumer needs

    Sarah Hampson | Marketing Manager of Croda

    • Assessing consumer demands for new performance attributes
    • Introduction of a novel biopolymer that is substantive to fibres
    • Intrinsic and extrinsic sustainability benefits for consumers
  6. Joint Q&A and panel discussion: what will consumers be looking for in 2020 and beyond?

    Peter Jochems | Lead Formulator of Ecover

  7. Chair’s Conference Summary & Closing Remarks

    Peter Jochems | Lead Formulator of Ecover

  8. Networking Drinks Reception

Track B - Technical innovation in products and ingredients

  1. A tailored method for identifying and combating biofilms in non-sterile manufacturing

    Dr Samantha Westgate | CEO of Perfectus Biomed

    • Emerging method to screen for biofilms within household care manufacturing plants
    • Screening for bacterial contamination in a non sterile manufacturing plant
    • Identification of biofilm forming organisms and in vitro method to form biofilms and screen cleaning regimes
    • Tailored selection of the best cleaning regime for a specific manufacturing plant
  2. Extrusion of caseinate: compound, films and properties

    Marie Hélène Gramatikoff | CEO of Lactips

    • The development of bio-based and biodegradable packaging using proteins
    • Improving product shelf life and quality
    • Producing plasticsed caseinate pellets using a co-rotating twin-screw extruder
  3. Delivering a winning consumer experience using microcapsules

    Jiten Dihora | Vice President, Technology of Trucapsol LLC

    • Why encapsulate?: key technical challenges
    • Applications testing results and technology pillars
    • Design of a membrane that reduces leakage, improves the retention onto surfaces, and has a good environmental biodegradability profile
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

  5. Cleaning and protection via surface modification

    Dr Andras Nagy | Applied Technology Manager Household Care/North America of Evonik Corporation

    • How organomodified silicones can achieve multiple benefits by changing the properties of various surfaces
    • Novel products for multiple application areas, including soft and hard surfaces
    • Improvements in cleaning, protection, aesthetic appearance, biodegradability and economy in home care, I&I and vehicle care
  6. Innovating how we innovate: learn small, fast, thoroughly and collaboratively for sustainable FMCG

    Dr Graeme Cruickshank | Director for Formulation of CPI

    • Accelerating innovation in the cleaning products industry 
    • Case studies across the collaboration scales: SME support, mixed company funded collaborations and direct delivery for a single partner
    • Benefits of the different approaches  to ensure you use the right approach for your innovation strategy
  7. Chair's Conference Summary & Closing Remarks

    Dr Christoph Kolano | Associate Director Consumer Care of Lonza

  8. Networking Drinks Reception


Wednesday 13 March

  1. Registration & Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair's Opening Remarks

    Dr Mark Stalmans | Global Product Stewardship & Sustainability of Procter & Gamble

Green thinking for the future of cleaning products

  1. Integrating sustainability and business strategies for P&G’s global dish category

    Paola Cammarano | Global Communications Manager of Procter & Gamble

  2. Disruptive green innovation in plastics and packaging: 2020 and beyond

    Tom Domen | Global Head of Long-Term Innovation of Ecover / Method

    • Looking to a new generation of bio-based plastic for cleaning products
    • The growth of ‘green’ brands
    • Consumer behaviour change vs chemical innovation
  3. A circular economy approach in industrial & institutional solutions

    Dr Nicole Graf | Senior Marketing Manager Home Care and I&I of BASF

    • BASF’s understanding of circular economy
    • How does circular economy apply to the I&I industry?
    • Examples for I&I cleaning contributing to circular economy
  4. Joint Q&A and panel discussion: how is regulation impacting innovation in sustainability?

  5. Networking Refreshments Break

  6. Beneficial bacteria: new players in cleaning

    Federica Proh | Marketing Manager of BBA Biotech s.r.l

    • Why formulate bio-detergents with harmless bacteria?
    • Overview of current application fields
    • Considering environmental impact
  7. How to go bio-based in cleaning

    Bengt Vernberg | Head of Technical and Laboratory Network of Testfakta Research

    Speaker to be joined by:  Lena Brive, Senior Scientist, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

    • Substitute, reformulate, ensure functionality and raw material origin … and communicate
    • How Testfakta and RISE Biocience are collaborating to promote development from fossil-based to bio-based raw materials in products for B2C and B2B
    • A new partnership from idea to application, focusing on customer needs and society's sustainable development
  8. Networking Lunch

Appliance developments and digitalisation impacts

  1. The connected home and intelligent appliances: how will it affect our industry?

    June Graham | R&D Director of McBride

    • Market disruptors in cleaning products: how are we adapting?
    • What changes can we expect?
    • Planning the technology roadmap of the future
  2. How to test a washing machine: appliance developments

    Gundula Czyzewski | Head of Washing Technology, Development Washing Appliances of BSH

    • Overview of different testing methods: history and aspects
    • Textiles and detergents for test procedures
    • Consumer relevance, repeatability and reproducibility
  3. Chair's Conference Summary & Closing Remarks

    Ian Bell | Head of Home Care, Tissue & Hygiene Research of Euromonitor International

  4. End of Conference