The following cleaning products experts have already confirmed their participation in the 2020 event:
Preeti Arya, Ph.D. - FIT

Preeti Arya, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at FIT
Mónica Ochoa Ruiz - DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences

Mónica Ochoa Ruiz

Global Marketing for Dishwashing at DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences
Julie Savoie - Consumer Brands Association

Julie Savoie

Director, SmartLabel at Consumer Brands Association
Gwen Whiting - The Laundress, Inc.

Gwen Whiting

Co-Founder at The Laundress, Inc.
Sourabh Sharma - FIG or out

Sourabh Sharma

Head of Digital Marketing at FIG or out
Monica Becker - Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Monica Becker

Director of Beauty, Personal Care and Household Products at Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
Bridget Croke - Closed Loop Partners

Bridget Croke

Managing Director at Closed Loop Partners
Sarah Paiji Yoo - Blueland

Sarah Paiji Yoo

CEO and Co-Founder at Blueland
Steve Block - NXTLEVVEL Biochem

Steve Block

VP Business Development at NXTLEVVEL Biochem
Steve Horenziak - P&G

Steve Horenziak

Principal Scientist at P&G
Scott Jaynes - Croda, Inc.

Scott Jaynes

Applications Manager at Croda, Inc.
David Simnick - Soapbox

David Simnick

Managing Partner at Soapbox
Josh Winters - Euromonitor International

Josh Winters

Research Analyst at Euromonitor International
Mary Johnson - P&G

Mary Johnson

Scientific Communications Director at P&G
Mat Franken - Aunt Fannie's

Mat Franken

Founder and CEO at Aunt Fannie's
Jos Harrison - Reckitt Benckiser

Jos Harrison

Global Design Director at Reckitt Benckiser
Casper Algren - Novozymes

Casper Algren

Head of Marketing & Business Development, Americas at Novozymes
Christoph Krumm - Sironix Renewables

Christoph Krumm

Co-Founder and CEO at Sironix Renewables
Lauren Simonelli - ThreeMain

Lauren Simonelli

Co-Founder at ThreeMain
Jacob Melone - MBDC

Jacob Melone

Senior Environmental Consultant at MBDC
Paul DeCusati - Croda, Inc.

Paul DeCusati

Regional Purchasing Director at Croda, Inc.
Stuart Landesberg - Grove Collaborative

Stuart Landesberg

Co-Founder and CEO at Grove Collaborative
Wesley Spindler - Accenture

Wesley Spindler

Business & Strategy Sustainability Director at Accenture