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The 2024 program is on its way! Take a look at the 2023 agenda and speakers.
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Session I: Market Trends and Consumer Insights in Latin America
>Session Description<
During this session, speakers will give an overview of cleaning product trends in Latin America, consumer insights and more.
State of the Industry – Brazil
Consumer trends in Latin America: insights for the Home Care market
Latin American consumers have been dealing with a challenging macroeconomic scenario. Thus, understanding the main consumer trends in terms of purchase behavior and preferences are key to drive growth within home care brands in the forecast period.
Paula Ferolla Correia | Research Analyst, Euromonitor International
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Session II: Regulatory Landscape in Latin America
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This session will address how to harmonize information in each country and have the countries work together with the authorities to implement the regulations.
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Session III: Trends in Laundry
Consumer Insights from Appliance Manufacturer
Bio-solutions providing long-term positive sustainability impact in use for fabric and surface care
Consumers are increasingly aware of how their choices and behaviours can impact the environment. As their understanding about the sustainability journey increases, consumers demand for greener products and for more transparency from the manufacturers. At Croda, we have turned to nature and the power of biochemistry to provide high performance, innovative solutions to home care with positive sustainability impact throughout the supply chain, from production to use in consumers’ homes. We will be presenting our innovative sustainable solutions for home care: we are going to review our next-generation cleaning ingredient, CroBiotic 100, which is an innovative probiotic blend that provides improved performance and long-term cleaning benefits and, additionally, we are going to discuss the findings of a LCA study on Croda’s biopolymer additive for fabric care which prevents clothes damage, extends their lifetime and cares about our planet.
Renata Piva | Latam Marketing Coordinator for Consumer Care, Croda
The power of the bio-revolution; delivering bespoke clean
Type of water. Climate. People’s eating and laundry habits.  Fashion trends. These regional factors— and many more—need to be considered when developing enzymes for laundry detergents. IFF, as a key biotech ingredient supplier, will address what trends are driving the Latin American market and how detergent manufacturers can develop high performing and successful products in this category. IFF will showcase that enzymes are key ingredients to deliver the cleaning performance that consumers desire in a sustainable way. Performance. Naturally Better!
Carolina Montefrio | Sales & Industry Leader for Home & Personal Care in Latin America, IFF
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Session IV: Innovations and Trends with Formulations and Ingredients
Green Hydrotrope For Cleaning Products Formulations
Many formulations, especially those used in heavy degreasing/cleaning applications as is required for removing tough soil, are typically made with nonionic surfactants and high electrolyte contents (carbonates, silicates, caustics, etc.) Developing such formulations poses the problem of how to put the whole together and obtain a stable solution. To overcome this, hydrotropes are used. Hydrotropes are a key formulation block in cleaning products and their benefits are unmatchable by other chemistries. Committed with sustainability, Indorama brings to the market its new green hydrotrope which is 100% derived from vegetable sources. Indorama's green hydrotrope performance is superior to the traditional Sodium Xylene Sulfonate in several sides like: Solubilizing into water low HLB nonionic insoluble surfactants, depressing formulation freezing point, salting-out inhibition of nonionic surfactants in formulations with high electrolyte content and formulation cloud point rising at high temperatures. The green hydrotrope is ~100% actives, making it to belong to the select raw materials that avoids water consumption/transportation. Its liquid form promotes energy saving in two ways: The first one is that the product is not intentionally dried like other solid hydrotropes in the market and the second one is that the product is cold processable. The product is versatile as it is supplied in acid form, allowing the formulators to choose the neutralizer that better match the final application. Its high renewable carbon index allows greener formulations.
Husley J Morales Guzman | Senior Researcher , Indorama Ventures
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Registration and Opening Remarks
Registration Opens & Continental Breakfast
Session V: Circular Economy & Sustainability
>Session Description<
This session will cover the circular economy and the companies who are working towards recyclability, innovation, and more.
Circular Economy and Reverse Logistics : Concepts and Opportunities
Circular Economy and Sustainability at ALPLA - Overcoming the historical linear economy towards circularity
Avanços e desafios para a reciclagem de embalagens na América Latina com Giro Brasil e Giro Chile
Para engajar cada vez mais empresas e pessoas com a pauta da reciclagem, Brasil e Chile têm desenvolvido diferentes políticas públicas nos últimos anos.  Com legislações e desafios distintos, as entidades gestoras Giro Brasil e Giro Chile apresentam um panorama da reciclagem de embalagens pós consumo e suas perspectivas para um futuro mais circular na América Latina.
Jessica Doumit | Director of Governance, eureciclo and Vice President of the Board of Director, Instituto Giro
Rodrigo Sagaceta | Gerente Geral de todos nós reciclamos e promotor, GIRO Chile
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BioSolutions: the answer to the world’s challenges
Why biosolutions? You may not realize it, but biotechnology is present in every part of our lives, from the food we eat to the clothes we wash. With such a vast presence, biosolutions are providing answers to many of the issues in today's ever-changing environment. As a leader in biosolutions for Household Care in LA, Novozymes is committed on helping our industry to evolve, in a sustainable way.
How could you develop an optimized solution for your consumer? How could you protect your business from market uncertainties? How could you reduce environmental impact?
Join us on rethinking the future of clean – with biosolutions!
Mayra Hofmann | Household Care Sales Manager, Novozymes
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Session VI: New Materials and Technologies in the Cleaning Products industry
Drive sustainability in top of mind household products
Reckitt is the global market leader company in household product, with reference brands in different business and countries, as: Vanish, SBP, Veja, Harpic, Procenex, Sanpic, Finish, Poliflor, etc, and of course, drive the environmental sustainability is a key responsibility, and certainly decision point for keep the world more clean. During the presentation, we will present the current actions and share the ambitious for our future.
Elvis Barreto | R&D Manager, Reckitt
B-Active: From Grey to Green Products for the Home Care Market
Dow Solutions with a holistic approach to cleaning and wellbeing
New concepts, trends and launches are constantly arriving to show consumers the possible advantages and benefits of having their homes cleaned quickly, effectively and with excellent performance, directly impacting well-being and quality of life as an integral part of mental and physical health. Focused on bringing efficient solutions and presenting case studies, Dow presents some biobased products and sustainable solutions based on silicones to provide enhanced performance with a well-being and sustainable benefit.

Laercio de Albuquerque | Quimico de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento, Dow
Meeting Affordability and Performance with Real Sustainable Alternatives for Cleaning
Ecofriendly cleaning products used to be a niche in the market, but now we see this demand moving toward the mainstream. The clamor for more sustainable yet effective solutions is there. Green cleaning is expected to outpace the overall market significantly in the coming period – market CAGR at 3.5%, with green chemistry 6.5-11.9% depending on market intelligence firm. Consumers in Latin America are following this global trend, according to recent research, the sustainable product market in Brazil has increased more than 45% since 2020. But those products must meet consumer expectation of cleaning performance, and be affordable, as consumers do not want to spend much more for greener products. There are many alternatives in the raw material market that bring sustainability messages, but are those options really cost effective and present real performance characteristics? From green chelates to hybrid polymers to readily biodegradable solutions, Nouryon has a broad sustainable portfolio, with globally available ingredients today that can really make a difference to formulators in the development of green cleaning products to meet consumer needs and this growing trend. We will present a variety of more-sustainable ingredient solutions that perform as well as, if not better than current ingredients.
Dayane Jacomassi | Technical Service Manager - Home Care - South America, Nouryon
Successful evolution of a Local Cleaning Products company along Brazil
Tecnologia e regulação de saneantes com ação antimicrobiana: Produto estratégico para a saúde pública.
Closing Remarks & Conclusion of Conference