Laure Cucuron from TerraCycle discusses new challenges facing the industry

Ahead of her presentation at Cleaning Products Europe this March, Laure Cucuron from TerraCycle discusses the challenges the cleaning products are facing in terms of new recycling legislation and an increased focus on sustainability.

Smithers Apex: What are the main challenges the Cleaning Product industry is facing and how do you think this conference can address them?

Laure Cucuron: Product innovation and differentiation as always is high on the agenda. China’s recent announcement that they are banning the import of plastic packaging for recycling from countries around the world and Theresa May’s recent environmental plan for the next 25 years and commitment for the UK to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste by 2042 has brought renewed focus on sustainability.  In particular any cleaning products that have non-recyclable packaging will face challenges both in terms of legislation and also in terms of competing with products that are recyclable.  This challenge however provides the opportunity to tell a story with packaging and addressing consumers in a new way which can help address product innovation and product differentiation at the same time.

Smithers Apex: What are you most looking forward to hearing at the Cleaning Product EU conference in Amsterdam?

Laure Cucuron: In terms of the area TerraCycle specialises in, it’s how cleaning brands are innovating and approaching sustainability.

Smithers Apex: Why should delegates attend Cleaning Product EU conference and what are the top three over riding takeaways they will receive?

Laure Cucuron: Again from TerraCycle’s area of expertise its:

  • How to innovate
  • To see change as an opportunity to embrace rather than a threat
  • And to hear concrete and successful case studies on how to be successful in the circular economy

Smithers Apex: Can you provide a brief summary of what your presentation will cover and why it’s important for delegates interested in Cleaning Product conference to attend?

Laure Cucuron: My presentation is titled – ‘Eliminating the Idea of Waste: How TerraCycle is helping companies move to a circular economy by closing their packaging loops.’  I will cover the need for companies to move away from the easy and profitable linear model by making products that are recyclable rather than non-recyclable and the benefits this change in approach can provide.  I’ll cover how recycling, consumer involvement and awareness and using storied plastics like those collected from beaches, oceans and waterways can really help to unlock a brands potential.  And I’ll be using current real life examples of exactly how leading brands like Head & Shoulders and Fairy are doing this with us right now.