James Hindley from Indoor Biotechnologies discusses the impact of allergens

Ahead of his presentation at Cleaning Products Europe this March, James Hindley from Indoor Biotechnologies discusses why allergies have become such an important topic in the cleaning industry.

You are running a session dedicated to allergies, what can delegates expect to hear about in this session?

We have managed to bring together three different experts who will each provide their unique perspective on the hot topic of allergies within the cleaning products industry. One from a regulatory viewpoint, one from epidemiological and one from an industry perspective. It should make for an informative session covering various aspects of allergies. Ultimately leading to a lively panel discussion about whether cleaning products are a friend or foe when it comes to allergies. 


Why has allergies become such an important topic in the industry lately?

More than 150 million Europeans suffer from chronic allergic diseases and the current prediction is that by 2025 half of the entire EU population will be affected. As such, consumers are looking for cleaning products which can eliminate allergens from their home and workplace. At the same time scientists are keen to establish the various causes of allergy and find ways to protect the population from the growing epidemic.


What do you see as the major challenges and opportunities in the cleaning products industry at the moment?

On one hand cleaning products can be useful for reducing the levels of allergens within the home and workplace. However, there are also factors within cleaning products that may cause or exacerbate allergies and asthma. Getting the balance right is important for consumers, manufacturers and regulators.


Why do you think that delegates should attend the cleaning products conference 2019?

The conference is a great forum to learn about the latest trends within the field and to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities within the cleaning products industry.


What are you most looking forward to hearing about at the conference?

Naturally, I am most excited about the allergies session. I think it will be a great session with a number of excellent speakers talking about a very important topic.