Exclusive Interview with The Clorox Company

Smithers Apex: Clorox has been a key supporter of this conference in 2018 and in the past, why do you think this conference is so important to the industry?    

Gabriela Sanchez: CPLA is quite important since it provides a forum to discuss matters that are exclusive to our industry from regulatory, to Legal, R&D & Marketing. It‘s an opportunity to share best practices and hot topics among peers to better understand the challenges we face within LATAM and how to drive superior results in our business.  

Smithers Apex: Your presentation focuses on being ‘a consumer centric brand’ why is it so important to be consumer obsessed and how has it impacted your innovation process?

Gabriela Sanchez: Put consumer at the center of everything that our company does is a priority for Clorox and it takes effort and focus from all team members to do so. Staying relevant is a challenge that most companies face in a constant changing world and It implies thinking of our consumer needs more than ever and having a clear understanding of their goals & aspirations. Those Goals & Aspirations are life centered…not cleaning centered so the challenge is to deliver solutions to their cleaning needs and beyond. We are working from a product development stand point but also thinking on how to serve our consumers to improve their everyday lives leveraging on consumer understanding and technology.

Smithers Apex: As you review the journey to being consumer obsessed, what have you learned along the way.

Gabriela Sanchez:

  • Put consumer at the center is everyone’s job, not just marketing
  • Consumers have goals & aspirations that go far beyond our brand and category
  • To stay relevant we need to get consumers understand why we matter and how can we improve their lives

Smithers Apex: You give us some insight about the next steps in the journey and what we can expect from Clorox in the Future?

A purpose driven, human centered brand obsessed with helping consumers and their families to thrive

Smithers Apex: What are you most looking forward to about the conference?

Gabriela Sanchez: To  gather insight on how the rest of the audience is facing both industry and regional challenges to be able to leverage on the work we are doing today

Smithers Apex: What advice do you have for our attendees who are visiting Buenos Aires for the first time?

Gabriela Sanchez: Buenos Aires is an amazing city with strong cultural value and many entertainment offers. A few of my personal choices are: dinner or drinks in Palermo Neighborhood, going to the theatre (there are plenty offers) & eating “asado” (grilled meat) and panqueques with dulce de leche for dessert.