Exclusive Interview with Nicole Graf from BASF

Ahead of Cleaning Products 2019, we caught up with Nicole Graf from BASF to hear about the main challenges facing the cleaning products industry and why it's important to attend this year's event.

Your presentation is covering circular economy approaches in I&I solutions, what can we expect to learn from your talk?

You will learn that the I&I industry is moving towards a circular economy. All trends are pointing in this direction. It’s all about saving resources, increase effectiveness and keeping cleaned items in the loop for longer.


What do you see as the most important innovations in the cleaning products industry at the moment?

Certainly, the ongoing digitalization of the business, as well as the increasing focus on circular economy. There is not a single development in our pipeline which doesn’t contribute to the circular economy approach.


Where are the major challenges and opportunities?

For the chemical industry certainly to develop the right solutions to support pro-actively the future trends to make this industry fit for all the challenges which are to come due to the well-known mega trends


Why do you think that delegates should attend the cleaning products conference 2019?

To hear about the latest insights, trends, ingredient innovations and more. To discuss the influence of trends like Smarthomes, eCommerce, digitalization in general. To network with peers from the full value chain including fellow chemical manufacturers, chemical distributors, cleaning product manufacturers, retailers and more.


What are you most looking forward to hearing about at the conference?

Anything on how we’ll face the challenges of the future in this industry. How can we offer sustainable cleaning solutions for a growing world population? How will our industry change under the influence of digitalization?