Exclusive Interview with Dr. Andre Chieffi of P&G

Smithers Apex:  As a member of the advisory board you have been very involved in developing the agenda, what are the key themes for this year?

Dr. Andre Chieffi: The conference program was designed to discuss several challenges in the cleaning product business, particularly relevant for the region (Latin America). It will give an overview of the Latin American market; discuss government regulations; present trends and innovations that will improve consumer satisfaction with the product and make it more sustainable.   

Smithers Apex: Your presentation focuses on sustainability – what are the key sustainability issues P&G are focusing on?

Dr. Andre Chieffi: Environmental Sustainability is not something new at P&G. We have been incorporating it into our way of doing business for decades. We see it as our responsibility, as well as a business opportunity, and want to ensure no one has to choose between the products they use and enjoy today and what they hope to preserve for tomorrow.

We include sustainability in every stage of our products’ life cycle from manufacturing to delivery and beyond.

We look at not only how we can improve environmental sustainability in our manufacturing but also finding ways to help consumers reducing the CO2 footprint during the product use phase.

Smithers Apex: What are the objectives for the sustainability panel discussion?

Dr. Andre Chieffi: Share ideas and practices that could make the entire industry more sustainable.

Smithers Apex: What advice would you have for the supply base of cleaning products as they support major consumer brands in their sustainability journey?

Dr. Andre Chieffi: Reducing the CO2 footprint and moving towards circular solutions is very important for most of the cleaning industry. We are at our best when we collaborate: Working with the supply chain (both suppliers and retailers) is fundamental to deliver significant climate, water, and waste benefits.

Smithers Apex: What are you most looking forward to about this years conference?

Dr. Andre Chieffi: During the past few years the Cleaning Products LA has been a great forum to share ideas on how to grow the business in a sustainable way.