Exclusive Interview with Charlotte Blackburn from UL

Ahead of Cleaning Products 2019, we caught up with Charlotte Blackburn from UL to hear about how regulation and compliance changes are affecting the cleaning products industry.

Your presentation in our pre-conference regulation workshop is covering the relationship between the Detergents Regulation and CLP, what can we expect to learn from your talk?

With CLP dictating the classification and labelling of all chemical products in the EU, my talk will offer insight into the most recent updates to the CLP regulation, as well as what can be expected in the coming months, and how those amendments will impact the cleaning products industry.


Which regulations do you see as most impacting the industry at the moment?

There have recently been some significant changes to the CLP regulation, including the addition of a new Annex, which are going to affect the way cleaning products are labelled and marketed. Aside from CLP, REACH ultimately dictates which chemicals can be used. With the final REACH registration deadline having passed earlier this year, more substances are going to be subject to substance evaluation which, in time, will lead to more chemicals being subject to risk management measures (such as harmonised classification and labelling, restriction or authorisation).


Where are the major challenges and opportunities?

One of the major challenges is compliance with Annex VIII to CLP, regarding the harmonisation of information notified to Poison Centres in Europe. With a large number of cleaning products ending up on the consumer market, and a level of uncertainty still surrounding some key topics, this is inevitably going to put pressure on the industry to meet the notification deadline of 1st January 2020.


Why do you think that delegates should attend the Cleaning Products Conference 2019?

The conference is going to provide insights on the current developments and innovations, with full supply chain coverage - from the ingredients that go into the product through to getting a compliant product on the market.


What are you most looking forward to hearing about in the pre-conference workshop?

The pre-conference workshop is going to offer a great overview of the various regulations that are impacting the cleaning products industry. Keeping up to date with constantly evolving legislation is challenging, and the workshop is a great opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insight on what changes are on the horizon.
As a regulatory specialist, I’m also looking forward to the main conference and learning about the key trends and challenges in the cleaning products industry, and how regulatory compliance feeds into the latest developments.