Evonik Discusses Water Saving Solutions for Cleaning Products US 2017

“I’m very hands on, and I love to try new things.”

Dr. Andras Nagy, Applied Technology Manager for the Evonik Corporation spoke with Kimberlee Rohrer of the Cleaning Products US conference, about why he loves working at Evonik.

“Evonik takes a long look at water consumption from cradle to grave,” says Nagy, “and how the raw material suppliers are taking care of water. How they process raw materials is important to Evonik.” 

Dr. Nagy loves to find new ways of cleaning and finding new needs in the industry. That’s why water reduction and sustainability are so important to him. 

One of the biggest challenges facing the industry, right now, is raw materials. “Consumers want a green product which performs well, but green is a very wide definition. Sometimes it means plant- based ingredients, sometimes it means less synthetic or oil based products.” Nagy explained, “With population increasing, finding solutions that are more efficient, safer and sustainable” also needs to increase. That’s why Evonik is working on waterless and rinse free solutions, to clean your car, which not only saves water, but also saves raw materials and reduces waste.

Andras said to keep an eye on those innovations within the industry, like bio surfactants, natural ingredients, solutions that use less energy and solutions that conserve water to enable our planet to continue to thrive.

When asked about his background, Dr. Nagy explained, “I may be a polymer chemist, but my degrees are in engineering and science.” Nagy originally wanted to teach, but like he said earlier, he likes to be hands on. That’s where Evonik won him over. “It’s a great balance of both,” he said. “R&D projects, but seeing applications”  we get to “create new molecules that are useful and customers can benefit.”

In fact, one of the reasons he became a chemist is “because I love to mix things together,” explained Andras. “I love chemistry.” Which explains Dr. Nagy ‘s hidden talent. “I love gardening, and landscaping and running, but baking is my biggest hobby. There’s a connection to chemistry by putting things together.” But there is one upside to baking, that chemistry doesn’t always have. “I don’t have to wait two to three years for feedback, I immediately know if it’s good or bad.”

Some of Nagy’s favorite things to bake are from his home country of Hungary. I “tried to study Hungarian ingredients and transfer with ingredients here.” But don’t ask him to put a lot of decoration on his cakes. “Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it tastes good. I like to focus on natural flavors, and less sugar that create new experiences for people.”

Nagy says, growing up in Hungary helped him fit into the Evonik Corporation, which has locations in more than 100 countries. “I love diversity. I truly believe in added value from different cultures. I try to focus on what value they can bring and what I can learn.”

As for what Dr. Andras Nagy is looking forward to hearing at Cleaning Products US, in October, he says “What direction companies are going, what needs the customers are looking for, and how we can harmonize them.”

“Many conferences are focused on too much technical or commercial, this is a great place to get the whole picture of the industry. You have it all.” 

  • Dr Andras Nagy

    Applied Technology Manager Household Care/North America Evonik Corporation

    Andras has been working at Evonik (formerly Degussa) for 14 years in Richmond, Virginia in new product development and application in oleochemicals and organomodified silicones supporting home- fabric- car care and I&I.

    Prior to his current employment he held various academic and industrial positions at the University of Akron, OH, at the Central Research Institute for Chemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and at Capital Chemical Co. in OH.

    He holds a Masters degree in chemical engineering a Doctorate degree in polymer chemistry and a Ph.D. in macromolecular science.

    Beyond work and family Andras tries to find time for his hobbies which includes landscaping, baking and running.