Exclusive Interview with Antonio Calcagnotto, President, ABIPLA

Smithers Apex: What are some of the biggest innovations going on in Latin America right now?

Antonio Calcagnotto: ABIPLA, the Brazilian industry association of cleaning products, represents the sector over the last 40 years working in order to seek and propose viable technical alternatives to meet the requirements assigned to the industries, guaranteeing the effectiveness and safety of the products offered to the consumer. The entity has a role to work side by side with companies to encourage innovations that deliver each time more quality and differentials to the market.

As we know the cleaning products have an essential role to society. They are among the main products that guarantee the health, hygiene and well-being of the population on a daily basis. For this reason, it is up to us to encourage and search for solutions in sustainable alternatives, in favor of the reduction of the environmental impact of the products (recycling of the packaging, less use of water and lower CO2 emission)

We are aiming the future, reducing the environmental impact of our products, ensuring practicality in their use and more protection to the consumer and the planet. By means of the “Movimento Limpeza Consciente” program, we encourage the development and use of concentrated and compacted products, the proper disposal of packaging and the correct utilization of these products in the act of cleaning.

Smithers ApexWhat are some of the biggest challenges, that Cleaning Products Latin America hopes to address?

Antonio Calcagnotto: One of the most challenging issues is the matter of the regulatory convergence. A highly important point to be discussed at Cleaning Products Latin America 2017 is the harmonization of the regulatory criteria, through adjustments on rates and nomenclatures in the Latin American countries. ABIPLA, in partnership with ANVISA, already works towards this, but it is fundamental that this subject be explored and discussed internationally, so it helps the regulation, monitoring and inspection of products that demand sanitary surveillance, besides avoiding the duplication of efforts and making better use of the available resources, thus reconciling health protection and promotion with the national economic development. 

Smithers ApexWhat are some of the upcoming goals for ABIPLA/ ALIADA in 2017?

Antonio Calcagnotto: According to ABIPLA’s projections, the expectation is that the sector maintains a growth sustained by industrial billing – keeping significant penetration in Brazilian households and with the sophistication of products by consumers.

According to surveys conducted by research institutes, there is consumer acceptance for products of specific use (sophisticated), and for more innovative and sustainable products, such as concentrated and compact, which confirms an evolution of the consumption profile of Brazilians inside the world’s tendency line.

One of the main topics that ABIPLA works and will keep on working on is the matter of the fight against informality. This is a practice that brings prejudice, not only for the sector, but also for the environment and the health of consumers. Therefore, it is fundamental to be careful with this kind of product. ABIPLA’s objective is, along with ANVISA, to work on the regulation of informal products, so they have warranty of quality, sustainability and so they operate within the law, contributing to the sector. 

Smithers ApexWhat are you most looking forward to, at Cleaning Products LatAm 2017?

Antonio Calcagnotto: ABIPLA believes that Cleaning Products LatAm 2017 will be a great opportunity for the interaction between suppliers and companies. The event enables the debate about new subjects and new technologies for the industries, sustainability and development of new practices. This discussion integrates companies and generates benefits to the sector, since it opens the way to the development of new ideas and partnerships.