Download Ian Bell's Presentation on 'You Gotta Have Soul'

At Cleaning Products Europe 2017, Ian Bell, Head of Home Care, Tissue & Hygiene Research of Euromonitor International, presented on 'You Gotta Have Soul' - Home Care Future: From Tomorrow to the Connected Home. 

Ian' presentation will cover:

The retail home care industry in the EU still has great potential regardless of recent economic and political issues. There is however suggestions from around the world that the relationship between brand owners, retailers and consumers is changing, becoming more fragmented and less predictable. How might this pan out over the medium term and how seriously should the industry be looking at the connected home of the not too distant future as a key part of their future value equation? Is home care on the periphery or central to injecting some ‘humanity into what has hitherto been a fairly soulless evolution of technology which has left consumers scratching their heads. Home care could and should be a key enabler.