Exclusive Interview with Kristoffer Friis Gleberg from Novozymes

Ahead of his presentation at Cleaning Products Europe 2016, Kristoffer Friis Gleberg, Senior Marketing Director at  Novozymes sat down with Smithers Apex to share some insights into  a biobased economy and what he is looking forward to most at this year's conference. 

Smithers Apex: The word “biobased” is beginning to be used more and more. Is there a standard for labeling products as “biobased” or do you foresee this as a need? And if so, how can companies label products “biobased” in ways that don’t confuse the customer?

Gleberg: The concept of something being biobased is a lot more than just labeling. As the world comes together in fighting climate change, I believe that consumers will be increasingly aware of the products they buy and even better at identifying the technology used to develop those products. Today a simple question that consumers ask is “What is in the product?” Is it gluten-free, lactose-free, free of additives, free of chemicals, and so on. But consumers already are demanding answers to much more in-depth questions, like how was the product made? How does it affect the environment? In the future we’ll see much more communication on these parameters, whether it is via labeling, branding or through other channels.     

Smithers Apex: How do you think a “biobased economy” can benefit the Cleaning Products Industry?

Gleberg: The biobased economy will be the defining factor for the cleaning industry in the years to come, as the demands on producers to show that products can be both efficient and sustainable grow ever tougher. Whether in professional or consumer cleaning products, various combinations of enzymes and microorganisms will dominate the cleaning industry within the next decade. 

Smithers Apex: Can you explain some of the ways Novozymes is helping to pave the way for a “biobased” economy?

Gleberg: Novozymes is wholeheartedly devoted to finding the biological answers needed to create a biobased economy. When we are talking about the biobased economy, we see it closely linked to the circular economy where nothing is wasted and products, byproducts or even garbage will be reused in other industries, to make energy or to one of the many purposes we haven’t even come up with yet. This goes for cleaning as well, because we will need sustainable and energy efficient solutions if we are to supply the massively growing population of the world in a responsible way.

Smithers Apex: What are you looking forward to most, at Cleaning Products EU 2016?

Gleberg: I’m looking forward to meeting the many delegates and to some lively discussions of the many interesting subjects on the agenda. It is always inspiring to hear international presenters and to meet current and future customers.