Exclusive insight: How companies can deliver more sustainable solutions in Latin America while maintaining and improving performance

Leading up to Cleaning Products Latin America, June 21-23, Smithers Apex caught up with one of this year's expert speakers, Vanderlei Niehues, Director Sustainability, EHS, Regulatory Affairs at  Whirlpool Latin America. 



Smithers Apex: Whirlpool Latin America operates under the concept of Sustainable Innovation. Why is this so important?

Niehues: Sustainability and innovation are two important pillars of our strategy and the challenge is how to integrate them for the best results possible. This is our objective and challenge and we do consider an important competitiveness landmark

Smithers Apex: How can manufactures help to deliver more sustainable solutions in LatAm while maintaining and improving their performance?  

Niehues: This is a question of prioritization for the company and should come from the top management. Consumers are demanding the usage of less and less resources. In Latin America energy is expensive, water has been an issue in Brazil and consumers awareness has increased by alot. If we intent to stay in their market, there is no other way than to deliver sustainable solutions.

Smithers Apex: What do you think are the most important issues facing Latin America and Brazil, right now?

Niehues: Governance, anti-trust laws and anti-corruption laws are the most urgent ones. Transparency is required to gain the trust of our consumers.

Smithers Apex: What are you most looking forward to hearing at Cleaning Products LatAm?

Niehues: New trends in technology and a more clear path to increase the penetration of this kind of products in Brazil . We need to break the cost/price barriers to increase usage.

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