Brian Sansoni from ACI shares his perspective on the biggest challenges and best innovations facing the industry today!

Recently, Smithers Apex spoke with Brian Sansoni, VP Sustainability Initiatives and VP of Communication and Membership at American Cleaning Institute, about some of the best cleaning products innovations coming to the market and why Cleaning Products US is so important to the industry.

Smithers Apex: Why is Cleaning Products US so important to the industry?

Brian Sansoni: Every year, Cleaning Products US provides our industry with the best intersection of innovations in product and ingredient formulation, R&D, sustainability and packaging, as well as offering the latest information on marketplace trends. The conference also provides insights on regulatory and compliance challenges affecting our supply chain. Cleaning Products US helps experts from practically every part of a company’s operations stay in-tune with the latest commercial developments and opportunities taking place throughout our industry.


Smithers Apex: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the industry, right now?

 Brian Sansoni: Competition remains fierce in our industry, and trying to stay engaged, informed and in-touch with everything that’s happening across the supply chain is a constant struggle. Manufacturers are facing demand for greater transparency about their products and chemistries, while creating products that have to work effectively in ever-changing appliance technologies. The American Cleaning Institute takes part in Cleaning Products US because we want our member companies to benefit from the information sharing and networking that takes place throughout the conference. ACI members receive registration discounts to attend Cleaning Products US and are often among the top presenters at the event every year.


Smithers Apex: What are some of the best innovations going on in the industry, right now?

Brian Sansoni: We’re seeing innovations in packaging, wondrous new fragrance and scent offerings, and multi-functional cleaning products that provide greater value for consumers and customers. We’re also seeing more products than ever that are developed and manufactured sustainably, which we’re seeing greater demand for across the consumer and I&I markets. Cleaning Products US provides new insights on many of these developments so attendees can stay a step ahead of what’s coming down the pike.


Smithers Apex: What are you most looking forward to hearing at the conferences, this fall?

Brian Sansoni: I look forward to the networking among company representatives, be they top operational executives, research and development office heads, top marketing and sales executives, or younger scientists and chemists. It’s a great cross-section of industry, which is why ACI, as the trade association for the cleaning products industry, takes a leadership role in supporting this event every year.