Shaping the sustainability roadmap of the Home Care and I&I industry

Sustainability - Cooperation, competition and novel innovations shaping the sustainability roadmap of the Home Care and I&I industry

A holistic market view shows that sustainability is neither a trend nor a long-term differentiator in the marketplace of home care and I&I products and services. In fact, it is a pre-requisite to do business and an increasingly prominent request from consumers around the globe.
At the same time, consumers are not prepared to pay a premium or compromise in performance, hygiene or convenience due to environmental concerns, meaning manufacturers must balance these factors.

So what can be the role of sustainability in the chemical industry, and where are its limits? Some major cleaning industry brand owners have committed to transforming their product lines by integrating sustainable materials and solutions. However, it has become more apparent that the majority of the market is not prepared to make renewable changes at a cost, and these renewable raw materials on their own will not be an answer without improved cost/performance and a positive, end-to-end and sustainable impact as part of the solution.

This therefore leaves the question; where are the areas for both collaboration and competition in shaping the future of sustainability's contribution to the Home Care and I&I industry?

Heike Caren Kohm, Director of Marketing for Home Care and I&I at BASF will strive to answer these key questions at the Cleaning Products Europe 2014, held in Manchester this March. Using her experience of participating in the development of sustainability methods and concepts at BASF, she will attempt to define the path forward for profitable and sustainable innovations for this dynamic industry.

The answers could potentially lie in the usage of new resources. Renewicals™ are a new class of renewable material, offering previously unavailable performance to cost-effectively meet market needs while simultaneously providing more sustainable solutions.

Renewicals™ mark a paradigm shift in the way companies are addressing industry and consumer demand for improved performance and sustainability, and are critical to enabling the industry in meeting its targets and aspirations going forward. These new materials are made possible by renewable feedstocks and sustainable advanced manufacturing processes, leaving a smaller environmental footprint and delivering better performance than either traditional petrochemicals or bio-based chemicals.

The first company offering Renewicals™ on a worldwide scale by creating novel specialty chemicals from natural oils is Elevance Renewable Sciences, a high-growth specialty chemicals company. Elevance's expanding portfolio of high-performance products is meeting critical industry needs with sustainable solutions across large markets, including home and industrial cleaning and personal care applications through its Consumer and Industrial Ingredients business platform.

Andy Corr, SVP, Consumer and Industrial Ingredients at Elevance will share his thoughts on the challenges the industry faces in meeting sustainable solutions at competitive costs at Cleaning Products Europe 2014. Corr will also discuss what his company's technology can offer today, and how the cleaning industry can leverage it to improve both cost/performance and sustainability.

Don't miss out on hearing from both of these speakers at Cleaning Products Europe 2014, held in Manchester from 25-27 March this year. Andy Corr and Heike Caren Kohm will be joined by representatives from leading cleaning product manufacturers Henkel, P&G and Unilever, plus leading names driving a sustainable economy WWF and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.