Hero Clean "Built For Men" Cleaning Products Line Launches Ad Campaign


For the better part of a half-century, household cleaning product advertising has been aimed squarely at "housewives." Hero Clean, a new line of laundry detergent, liquid dish soap, fabric freshener and all-purpose cleaner "Built for Men," is changing that with a new advertising campaign that launched on August 31st.

"The idea for Hero Clean was inspired by a trip to the grocery store," CEO Mike Eaton explains. "Everything in the cleaning aisle was fragranced, packaged and branded to appeal to women. There was nothing there that would appeal to a guy's guy. So we got to work creating a line of cleaning products guys would be proud to call their own."

The four :15 spots, created by Nutmeg Creative, feature a statuesque blonde model warning guys to eschew "girly" cleaning products, and "reach their manly potential" by using Hero Clean cleaning products instead.

"When Mike began working with Nutmeg, he already had a really focused point of view regarding the personality of the brand," Nutmeg Creative Director Dave Rogan adds. "It's his voice, it's his vision. It was up to us to make sure that vision hit the screen in a fun and compelling way."

With its silvery "motor oil"-look packaging, Hero Clean may look tough as nails on a store shelf, but the corporation isn't without a soft side. A portion of proceeds benefit Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the most diverse and rapidly growing veterans group in America, founded in 2004 by Paul Rieckhoff and fellow veterans. IAVA is the voice of the 2.8 million veterans of Iraq andAfghanistan, raising awareness and striving to connect, unite and empower post-9/11 veterans.

"Since its inception, IAVA has sought to associate our brand with like-minded partners in the private sector who mirror the resilience, integrity, and character of our post-9/11 veterans," said Paul Rieckhoff, CEO and Founder of IAVA. "Now, we are thrilled to partner with Hero Clean, a pioneering new brand dedicated to supporting veterans as they transition to the home-front."

Hero Clean is now available at target.com, in select Target stores and at hero-clean.com. Watch the promo ad here- http://youtu.be/28jFOBdJBxY

SOURCE: Hero Clean