Cleaning Products are a household staple and are often in the virtual cart

Smithers Apex interviews Kit Vale, Global Director at Daymon Worldwide, who will be speaking at the Cleaning Products Europe 2015 conference, delivering her presentation on Consumer Trends for the Cleaning Category.

Smithers Apex interviews Kit Vale, Global Director at Daymon Worldwide, who will be speaking at the Cleaning Products Europe 2015 conference, delivering her presentation on Consumer Trends for the Cleaning Category.

Meet the expert:

Kit is the Household Paper category expert for Daymon Worldwide. She has published several articles and spoken at conferences on behalf of Private Brands. She started her career at Daymon in 2009 on the Business Development team as Director on household paper and laundry. She currently manages a team of category experts for all the Home and Pet categories. These categories include household paper, laundry, dish, cleaners, bags, wraps, tabletop and Pet.

Kit has 20+ years of experience in the CPG industry with a focus on building brands in a variety of highly competitive categories. Her experience spans National and Private Brands in traditional marketing roles, as well as, a focus on Customer Marketing. Prior to joining Daymon, Kit was the Department Head of Customer Marketing for L'Oreal Paris where she was responsible for marketing L'Oreal's portfolio of products to all the retailers in the US. Prior to that post, she was Director of Customer Marketing for Revlon where she managed the Drug Channel. Additionally, Kit worked for Unilever as the Laundry Marketing manager and United Distillers where she was a brand manager.

Kit is an active member of WISE (Women Impacting Store Brand Excellence) and Daymon Women's Network. Kit earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the George Washington University.

Kit Vale:

I'm the Global Director and team leader for Daymon Worldwide's Home and Pet category Private Brand development team.

We are charged with providing expert global retail insights and category solutions for our North American retailer partners.

Our category expertise includes: Household Cleaners, Laundry, Dish, Paper, Tabletop, Bags & Wraps and Pet.

We understand and interpret consumer needs, predict behaviours, analyze competition and global trends, and help retailers develop best-in-class innovation from both a National and Private Brand perspective.

Combining this information with the specifics of the targeted retailer, we are poised to provide category solutions down to the SKU level to drive their Private Brand success.

Smithers Apex:

In your opinion, what are key societal/industrial changes which affect sales in the cleaning products market and how have these shifted in recent years?

Kit Vale:

There are a few key macro trends that have impacted the cleaning category, including Convenience, Sensory, Value Equation and Sustainability.

Convenience has been a driver for producing products with multiple uses, easier to use packaging, on-the-go formats and concentrated formulas.

Sensory is a key driver for cleaners with fragrances being a key attribute.

More fragrances are being developed and certain consumer segments consider this the primary purchase decision maker.

As Consumers become more value conscious, they look for value packs, refills, and opening price points so there are more products being produced with these features.

Additionally, the Sustainable movement is gaining ground with retailers and manufacturers alike who are responding by providing greener product innovation and new product launches, and developing more ecologically-friendly packaging.

Smithers Apex:

With over 20 years' experience in CPG, where do you see the cleaning products industry in another 20 years?

Kit Vale:

The retail landscape is changing. We see more and more consolidation as retailers acquire one another. However, online retailers are the largest growing segment of the industry. Amazon has stolen share from many retailers and there is a growing number of regional online shopping retailers emerging. Cleaning Products are a household staple and are often in the virtual cart.

Technology will have a great impact on the industry in the next 20 years. Shoppers now get coupons, promotion notifications and comparative costing on their phones and other mobile applications. This instant information impacts where consumers shop, the brands they choose and purchase cycles. Between technology and the growing online retail environment, virtual shopping will definitely continue to grow in the future.

Smithers Apex:

What do you hope attendees will take away from your presentation?

Kit Vale:

A better understanding of the Cleaning Consumer and what drives their purchase decisions, including why many shoppers are switching from National Brands to Private Brands. I also hope to provide attendees with a better understanding of current trends and how they are being reflected in today's products. I also want to provide an illustration of how to successfully complete in-store activation and offer a comprehensive roadmap of how to develop and sustain a successful Cleaning category Private Brand Program.

Kit Vale will be presenting alongside other expert speakers, including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, McBride, A.I.S.E, AITEX, ReachWISE and many more. In addition to speaking, Kit Vale also shares with us her excitement to participate as a delegate.

Kit Vale:

I truly enjoy learning more about the industry from all of the experts representing all aspects of the category and business. This conference [Cleaning Products Europe] does a terrific job of bringing all the facets of the business together from ingredient to shelf. This is an ever-changing industry and I believe this conference is one for the best ways to stay informed and keep pace.