Sasol Performance Chemicals

Cleaning Products US 2018

Sasol Performance Chemicals markets a broad portfolio of organic and inorganic commodity and speciality chemicals. Our business employs about 1,300 people in four key business divisions: Organics, Inorganics, Wax and PCASG (Phenolics, Carbon, Ammonia and Speciality Gases). Our offices in 18 countries serve customers around the world with a comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art chemical products and solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

Our key products include surfactants, surfactant intermediates, fatty alcohols, linear alkyl benzene (LAB), short-chain linear alpha olefins, ethylene, mineral oil-based and synthetic paraffin waxes, cresylic acids, high-quality carbon solutions as well as high-purity and ultra-high-purity alumina.

Our products are used in countless applications in our daily lives. Typical examples include detergents and cleaning agents, cosmetics, paints and lacquers, leather and metal processing, hot-melt adhesives, bitumen modification and catalyst support for automotive catalysts as well as other diverse speciality applications including oil and gas recovery, aroma production, plastic stabilisation, and polymer production.

Sasol is constructing a world-scale petrochemical complex near our existing site in Southwest Louisiana. The $11.0 billion project will roughly triple the company’s chemical production capacity in the U.S. and enable it to build on its strong positions in robust and growing global chemicals markets.

At the heart of the project is a world-scale ethane cracker that will produce 1.5 million tons of ethylene annually.  The complex also includes six chemical manufacturing plants. Approximately 90 percent of the cracker's ethylene output will be converted into a diverse slate of commodity and high-margin specialty chemicals for markets in which Sasol has a strong position, underpinned by collaborative customer relationships.