Call for Papers

 From sourcing to shelf: exploring the elements that go into creating successful Cleaning Products

Submit your abstract to speak at Cleaning Products US 2019!

In addition to our invited speakers, we are looking for industry experts who would like to speak on the following topics:

  • Industrial and institutional: what’s new in commercial cleaning – trends, innovations and opportunities
  • Household and personal care: innovating based on consumer demands -  trends, innovations and opportunities
  • Global updates and opportunities for growth
  • Ingredient transparency mandates for 2019 including seals, certifications and claims; prop 65
  • New product formulations and high performance products
  • Green chemistry, natural products, sustainable sourcing and the circular economy
  • Designing fragrances that sell household products
  • Packaging: sustainability, degree of recyclability, reusable and compostable; single use plastics, ocean pollution
  • The e-commerce effect: inspiration to change packaging, product formulations, etc.
  • Probiotics, Preservatives
  • Disinfection driving the market in hospitals / institutions
  • Small brands: big impact – how niche brands are disrupting the industry
  • Appliances

Abstract submissions are due by Friday, May 3rd, 2019. 

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