Cleaning Products US 2018 Agenda Preview

Finding the Balance with Consumer Demands

An engaging panel discussion will debate on the rise in demand for safer chemicals and eco-friendly household cleaning products. Following that debate we will learn more about recycled content and labeling and certifications for your cleaning products.

Talks include:

  • Addressing the rise in demand for safer chemicals and eco-friendly household cleaning products
  • Recycled content – learn how to make your cleaning product more sustainable with the ever-growing consumer demand for green products
  • Labeling and certifications, what is meaningful in the industry?
  • Cold Water Washing

Breakout Sessions: Marketing in the Digital Age and Innovations in the Chemistry of Cleaning Products

New this year!  Cleaning Products will separate into two different tracks, one focused on marketing and another focused on the chemistry and innovations of cleaning products.

The marketing talks include:

  • Tackling cleaning products marketing and consumer trends
  • Multi-generational marketing for cleaning products
  • How do we dispense wisdom in a new era?  A look at how to utilize retail apps, e-commerce and the rise of digital
  • Responding to consumer complaints in a digital age

Innovations in the Chemistry talks include:

  • Investing in green chemistry – how to make products more natural
  • New Plant Based Technologies discovered through Algal biomass (with a focus towards surfactants)
  • The ABC’s of PMN’s – TSCA regulations

Using product innovation to cause market disruption

Looking forward to the next decade in cleaning products evolution, the conference will wrap up with discussions about how smart appliances are affecting the cleaning products industry, and how e-commerce is affecting retail.

Talks include:

  • Using product innovation to cause market disruption
  • Staying ahead of the cycle – how product engineers are designing to anticipate future consumer needs
  • How retail is changing: budget-conscious consumers and a look at Aldi/Lidl store models
  • The Amazon Effect: How e-commerce is shifting the cleaning products industry
  • Jack Corley

    Chief Sales Officer Custom Essence

    Jack Corley is Chief Sales Officer of Custom Essence Inc. and serves as President of Custom Essence Inc.'s Natural Fragrances Division. He is also a member of the Custom Essence, Inc. Senior Advisory Committee. Mr. Corley has 37 years’ experience in the Fragrance and Flavor Industry. Prior to joining Custom Essence in July 2014, Mr. Corley was Vice-President and Director of Sales and Marketing for Symrise, managing the PureScent  (Trilogy Fragrances) division and brand. Mr. Corley also spent 21 years with International Flavors and Fragrances.

    Custom Essence is a mid-sized Fragrance creator and manufacturer based in Somerset, NJ and is the Industry leader in the natural fragrance category.

     Mr. Corley has been retained by some of the largest Fragrance and Flavor Companies in the world, advising them on natural and organic product/market development, natural and organic ingredient sourcing and natural/organic product formulation, labeling and regulatory issues.

     His career during this time has included Senior Management positions in both Sales and Purchasing, with a background heavily oriented towards Natural Ingredients.

     He has written numerous articles related to personal care subjects over the years and is a featured speaker at Fragrance and Personal Care events and seminars as well. In addition, he was a founding member of the Natural Product Association Personal Care and Home Care Standards Committees; and remains a Joint Committee member of the NSF-305 task force.

     Mr. Corley is a member of the Board of Directors for the Center for Vocational Rehabilitation, Monmouth County, NJ.

    Additionally, Mr. Corley is as an Adjunct Professor of Business at Monmouth University, in West Long Branch, NJ for the past 14 years.

     Mr. Corley holds both a BBA and an MBA from Baruch College, is a former Associate Professor of Business at St. John’s University, New York

  • Jim Flannery

    Senior Executive Vice President, Operations, and Industry Collaboration Grocery Manufacturers Association

    Jim Flannery is Senior Executive Vice President, Operations and Industry Collaboration at the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).  He leads the association’s Industry Affairs practice, which engages with members and prospective members. In addition, Jim helps GMA identify and implement innovative services and programs that enhance the value of GMA membership.

    Jim also has primary responsibility for developing and implementing collaborative relationships, initiatives and programs with retailers and their trade associations across all retail channels. 

    Jim leads GMA’s work to develop and launch the industry-wide SmartLabel™ transparency initiative, which enables consumers to get access to information about hundreds of attributes on thousands of food, beverage, personal care, household product and pet care products. 

    Jim joined GMA in 2013 from after 36 years at Procter & Gamble (P&G), where he most recently served as Managing Director, Customer Development, P&G Global Operations.  Prior to that position, Jim was Director, Global Customer Marketing, from 1998 to 2003 and had responsibility for P&G’s industry-wide commercial collaboration efforts and the internal capabilities required to deliver them.
    Jim’s responsibilities at P&G began in the U.S. soap and detergent and food and beverage businesses from 1977-1994, where he had sales and management roles in the coffee, orange juice, shelf stable drink, peanut butter and snacks businesses.  He served as Market Strategy and Planning Manager for P&G’s food and beverage business before departing to Australia in 1994.  From 1994-1998 he directed customer business development and customer marketing in Australia and Asia.

    At P&G, Jim held volunteer leadership positions at GMA, the Food Marketing Institute, ECR-Australasia and ECR- Asia, and played an instrumental role in the creation of the Consumer Goods Forum. 

    A native of New York, Jim holds a B.A. degree in Human Resources Management from Upsala College in East Orange, New Jersey.  

  • Lieve Laurens

    Senior Scientist & Project Lead – Bioenergy R&D National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

    Lieve Laurens, Senior Scientist & Project Lead – Bioenergy R&D, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

    Lieve Laurens's research interests in this realm are primarily focused on analytical biochemistry investigating novel ways to understand lipid, carbohydrate, and protein production and composition in microalgae and other microorganisms. Laurens is particularly interested in the molecular dynamics of the composition of biomass in relation to outdoor environments and physiological stressors such as nutrient deprivation and light and temperature fluctuations. The influence the environment makes on the biochemical profile and the ultimate composition of the biomass can provide valuable information and guide cultivation parameters at fuel-relevant scales.

    Her areas of expertise include:

    • Dynamic biochemical composition of bioenergy-relevant biomass
    • Coproduct development from primary algal biomass components
    • Biofuel precursor behavior during biomass conversion processes
    • Algae-derived green crude valorization
    • High-throughput screening technologies for compositional analysis of microbial biomass
    • Standardization of algal biomass compositional analysis
    • Technical standards for the algae industry
  • Jamie Rosenberg

    Global Household and Personal Care Analyst Mintel

    Jamie has close to 20 years’ experience as a competitive intelligence analyst and consultant, with a focus on new business opportunity, trend analysis and futures tools. Prior to Joining Mintel, Jamie spent 11 years with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, where he led intelligence projects supporting new product launches, corporate strategy and emerging market growth. Jamie also worked for ORC International where his role as a market opportunity consultant honed his ability to spot shifts in market trends, while exposing him to numerous businesses across the healthcare and consumer packaged goods industries.