Desmet Ballestra SpA

Cleaning Products Latin America

Desmet Ballestra SpA is the world leader in the design and supply of plants for anionic surfactants, non ionic surfactants and detergents. The company is a preferred technology supplier to all the major surfactant and detergent manufacturers worldwide, and has built no fewer than 1,800 plants in over 120 countries since it was founded in 1960.

At the beginning of 2017 Desmet Ballestra has taken over Mazzoni LB, the world leading company in the design and supply of saponification plant and relevant soap finishing lines, as well as IIT Srl, another Italian company specialized in the supply of technology and equipment for Surfactants production.

With this acquisition Desmet Ballestra has strengthened its worldwide leadership as supplier of technology for Detergent, Surfactant and Soap production.

Desmet Ballestra SpA is represented by Econebra (Ecosystems Europe BV) specializes in industrial gas cleaning. With experience over 25 years we serve the market with design, construction, installation and start-up of state-of –the-art technologies for a better environment.