2018 Agenda

Smithers Apex is pleased to announce the 2018 Cleaning Products Latin America agenda! 

Day 1: June 18th

Registration & Welcome

  1. Exhibit Hall Open and Registration

  2. Welcome & Opening Remarks

    Ciaran Little | Director of Operations – Americas of Smithers Pira

  3. New Trends & Challenges in the Latin American Cleaning Products Market

    Pablo Marcelo Rodríguez | Executive Director of ALIADA

    The last trends in the political and commercial global framework, ignite new Opportunities and Theats for the Latin American Cleaning Products Industry

    • New rules in Global, Regional and Local Regulations
    • Changes in Consumer trends, & Innovations in Raw and Packaging Material, y cleaning technologies, accelerate the creation of new products and categories in the market
    • Sustainability thinking in technologies, manufacturing, logistics, use and packaging disposal, generate great innovations and new challenges in cleaning habits, product developments, and designs to the industry.

Session I: Industry and Market Timing

This session will cover the Latin American market growth, trends and challenges as well as new consumer paths and government regulations.

  1. Product Diversification and Private Label in Latin America

    Jorge Araya | Research Analyst of Euromonitor International

    Consumers’ busier lifestyles, higher income and smaller household sizes have pushed the diversification and innovation in home care products. However, the convenience is still an important factor among consumers in Latin America, which has allowed the penetration of more complex channel distributions with a more competitive offer in term of prices, driving importance of private label products.

  2. Argentina Update

    Miguel Ángel Queralto | President of ALPHA

    A century-old business association, it was founded in 1904 under the name of the Chamber of Manufacturers of Soaps. In 1982 it takes its current name of "Association of Producers of Personal Cleaning Products, Household."

    It represents a wide universe of products, which includes toilet soaps in all its presentations and all products for domestic use, currently also called "domisanitarios".

    ALPHA-AI is an active member of UIA (Unión Industrial Argentina), a founding partner of ALIADA (Latin American Association of Cleaning, Cleaning, Household and Allied Products) and AUREA (Alliance for the Rational Use of Packaging in Argentina) .

    ALPHA-AI represents the industrial sector and maintains a permanent and active presence before national and regional government agencies.

  3. Brazil Update

    Antonio Calcagnotto | President of ALIADA (Cleaning Products LATAM Association) and President of ABIPLA – (Brazilian manufacturing of Cleaning Products Industry) of ABIPLA/ALIADA

    National and international civil society, the Brazilian Association of Cleaning Products Industries (Abipla) represents for 40 years the sector of Hygiene, Domestic and Professional Cleaning products. Its democratic approach allows associated companies to expressly participate in the decisions taken and has constant advice on current issues relevant to the development of the sector, harmonizing the needs and expectations of suppliers, producers and consumers.

    ABIPLA´s main objective is to seek and propose viable technical alternatives to meet the requirements assigned to the industries, ensuring the effectiveness and safety of the products offered to the consumer. Therefore, Abipla has been a channel of communication with the authorities responsible for regulating the segment.

    With this work, ABIPLA seeks to defend the legitimate interests of its members, always directing them to the common social interest.

    Internationally, ABIPLA is a Member of ALIADA (Latin American Association of Hygiene and Household Cleaning and Professional Products Industries), INCPA (International Network of Cleaning Products), and AISE.

  4. Networking Break

  5. Uruguay Update

    Guillermo Pons | Head of Cleaning Department of ASIQUR

    The Association of Chemical Industries of Uruguay was founded in 1946, and includes the main chemical companies in the country

    Its mission is to represent and defend the interests of its associates, provide efficient services and promote the development of the chemical industry of Uruguay, encouraging the Care of the Environment, and the well-being of Uruguayan society

  6. Paraguay Update

    Silvio Codas | CAEDHPA of President

    Founded in June 2009, CAEDHPA brings together industrial companies of the Cleaning Products  Industry.

    The companies that make up CAEDHPA employ more than 4000 people directly, and another 2000 indirectly

    The main objectives of the Chamber are to represent the interests of the sector before third parties, foster relations with all national and foreign entities, and promote the quality of products offering good quality and fair price in conditions of legality.

  7. Chile Update

    Mauricio Hormann Puelma | Executive Director of AGADCHILE

    AGADCHILE, Mision is to represent the cleaning and disinfecting industry of Chile with the regulatory authorities to be the facilitator in the development of the industry, through promoting competitiveness, facilitating the customs, sanitary and logistic process , collaborating with the authorities for the development, diffusion of normatives in convergence with international standards applicable to the national industry.

  8. Mexico Update

    Laura Bonilla Reyes | President of CANAJAD

    CANAJAD is working since March 1944, as the National Chamber of the Oils, Fats and Soaps Industry.

    Has the Mision to join and represent the affiliated industries efficiently and ethically, in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the sectors represented and promote the development of the national industry, and aims to be an inclusive Chamber; active nationally and internationally; that positively influences the country's transformation processes; promoter of the care of the environment.

  9. Regulatory Convergence

    Dr. Carlos Chiale | Director of ANMAT

    Dr Chiale, will talk about the next step in Regulatory Convergence in Mercosur and Latin America for Cleaning Products

    Trends in Mercosur and Latin America in Cleaning Products Regulations
    The opportunity and benefits for Health autorities and Industry
    Next steps, and pilot trials to go ahead

  10. Lunch & Networking

Session II: Innovation in Latin America

From fragrance to wipes and materials, this session will cover some of the new innovations that will help make cleaning easier and more enjoyable, in Latin America.

  1. Differentiation in Home Care through End User Understanding: The Circus Case

    José Alberto Pino Andrade | Home Care Marketing Manager – Latin America Consumer Solutions of Dow

    Home Care Product in LATAM are currently perceived with a very low value perception by end user, with claims that do not connect with consumer priorities.  Using Circus as a Story Telling, Dow presents how with Sustainability, Customer Experience, Digitalization and Regionalization brand owners can re-engage population with a category that enables wellbeing for our life style in our home. Examples of new claims on global launches and the active use of design thinking are presented to provide attendees a new way of think in a liquid detergent, surface care product or any Home care product.

  2. Fragrance & Perfumes

  3. New Disinfection Technologies & Applications

    Gabriele Strano | R&D Global Technical Service Manager Brazil of Diversey

    Coming soon!

  4. Innovation with Safety

    Nicolas Fabre | Regulatory Toxicology Leader of Unilever

    We place on the market new products, matching the needs from our consumers. Risk based assessment lead to market products safe product for normal use. This happens in a changing regulatory framework under development in Latin America.

  5. Networking Break

  6. A Giant Among Giants

    Dr. Pablo Arenas | Operations Manager & Technical Director of Josè Guma SA

    How a local small company could adapt and compite, in a high competitive market

  7. Advantages of Specialties to Improve Performance

    Meris Milek | Head of Innovation Management - South America, Nutrition & Care - Household Care of Evonik

    With very low dosages or by replacing some existing ingredient, it is possible to enhance home, car and laundry care formulations boosting their performances considerably.

    We invite you to understand more about our ingredients and limitless application possibilities.

  8. Designing the Future

    Daniela Peredo | Marketing Manager Laundry & Fabric Care of Astrix-Bolivia

    Bolivian consumer is a demanding type of consumer, which developed their consumption habits for household cleaning and laundry (liquid) care products for the past 15 years, with high standards, top performance formulas with OLA as their favorite brand: image, benefits, packaging, fragrances, application, etc.

    Nowadays it is a challenge for us, that these consumers learn to use new products that allows to save in packaging, water, energy, achieving the same results in performance and at the same time contributing with the environment.

    OLA developed a high standards liquid products creating a really demanding consumer, now has the tough job, which is teaching a new way to use concentrated formulas, smaller and thinner packages, saving for the planet, designing the future.

  9. Shaping a Consumer Centric Brand

    Gabriela Sanchez | Associate Marketing Director of Clorox Brand - Latin America

    How to evolve a brand to fulfill consumer’s goals & aspirations from a brand purpose declaration to communication & product innovation. Review Clorox brand journey to become consumer obsessed going through its recent communication & innovation executions.

  10. Evening Reception

Day 2: June 19th

Registration & Welcome

  1. Exhibit Hall Open and Registration

  2. Welcome & Opening Remarks

Session III: Environmental Considerations

This session will cover waste initiatives, water conservation trends and issues, as well as sustainable material innovation and corporate sustainability commitments.

  1. Sustainable Regulations

    Pedro Luiz Fernandes | Vice president of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability of Novozymes Latin America Ltda. of Novozymes

    Coming soon!

  2. Professional Cleaning Challenges

    DIEGO VARRÁ | Area VP Food & Beverage ARGENTINA , URUGUAY and CHILE of Ecolab

    Coming soon!

  3. Innovation in Sustainable Surfactants

    Chris Sayner | Vice President Customer Alliances, Corporate Sustainability of Croda

    Mitigating against climate change means decoupling growth from environmental footprint. With increased recognition of embedded carbon in H&PC supply chains the move away from fossil based chemistry to performance identical, renewable bio-based ingredients represents a fundamental step forward.

  4. Networking Break

  5. Sustainable Disposal of Chemicals

    Coming soon!

    • How are we getting rid us harsh chemicals in a green way
    • Are chemicals ruining the potential to recycle packaging
    • GHS?
  6. Energy Saving Innovation Dream: about Sustainability

    Eng. Raúl Ranciglio | Product Development Manager of Dream (Jose M. Allario e Hijos S.A.)

    • How things are processed using less energy
    • Using less hot water
  7. Panel: Sustainable Commitments

    Panelists include: P&G, The Clorox Company and Unilever

    • What are some of the commitments that cleaning companies are making in Latin America
    • Ie: Less Waste, Using Less Energy, recyclability
    • Are these commitments working?
  8. Lunch & Networking

Session IV: Packaging Solutions

This session will look at some of the sustainable material innovations in packaging as well as single use and flexible designs for the cleaning industry, This session will also look at how we’re recycling packaging, and opportunities for the circular economy.

  1. Sustainable Packaging Design

    Coming Soon!

    Coming soon!

  2. A holistic view on P&G sustainability strategy

    Dr. Andre Chieffi | R&D Manager of Procter & Gamble

    New innovation allowing to recycle PP. PureCycle Technologies and P&G are starting a plant that will restore used polypropylene (PP) with a new recycling method.

  3. The Environmental Impact of Packaging from a Systemic Approach

    Roberto Sanchez | Environmental Coordinador of Insituto Argentino del Envase

    • Packaging & Sustainability protocol
    • End to end responsabilities
    • Argentina experiencies
  4. Closing Remarks