Cleaning Products Europe 2015 Full Programme

The Barcelona edition of Cleaning Products Europe, which took place from 25-26 March 2015, was supported by an expert line-up of speakers to provide delegates with a 360 degree view of the current challenges and trends affecting the cleaning products industry.

Conference Day 1

Welcome to Cleaning Products Europe 2015

  1. Registration and Morning Refreshments

  2. Introduction from Chairman

    Mike Harris | CategoryTechnical Manager | Household & Pet of Sainsbury's Supermarkets

  3. Consumer trends for the cleaning category

    Kit Vale | Household Paper Category Expert of Daymon Worldwide

    Through the lens of the consumer, we explore key purchase drivers, shopping behaviour, attitudes and important trends. From a retailer prospective, we analyse channel shifting, trending dollar sales, brand switching and successful in-store activation. Why are consumers moving from National Brands to Private Brands for Household Cleaning? The Marketing 4 “P’s” approach helps to explain why Private Brands are no longer the generic alternative to a consumer’s household cleaning needs.

  4. Kick out the jams, opportunities for a broader, global automatic dish washing market

    Ian Bell | Head of Home Care, Tissue & Hygiene Research of Euromonitor International

    Automatic dish washing is unusual in the fact that sales are so restricted to the Western European and North American markets. With sales of both machines and detergents across both regions suffering due   to the recession as well as reformulation following the ban on phosphates in the US, the time for             automatic dishwashing to spread its wings is now. Automatic dishwashing has many advantages but also many barriers to overcome in order to make this leap into developing markets, a difficult job perhaps but not beyond a category which continues to be strong on innovation.

  5. Networking Refreshment Break

  6. Trends and Opportunities in Hand Dishwashing

    Hamish Irving | Category Leader – Dishwashing of DuPont

  7. Make the sustainable desirable, how packaging is a determining factor in consumer choice

    A case on how method and Ecover have been using packaging design to create a new product experience and to draw people into considering a more sustainable choice. How the packaging material choice and design reflect the different brand propositions.

  8. Lunch and networking break with thought leader tables

  9. Afternoon introduction from Chairman

    Dr Mark Stalmans | Global Product Stewardship & Sustainability of Procter & Gamble

  10. Accelerating innovation by involving crowds and customers

    Frank Hatzack | Head of Innovation Development of Novozymes

    Frank Hatzack will present a number of examples on how internal and external crowdsourcing is being used at Novozymes in order to get much faster to prototypes and solutions which matter. Digital tools and processes are only one part of the equation, the other being culture and a unified skill-set to work systematically with idea maturation. 

  11. Innovation in the Detergent Industry - the role played by Private Label

    Jim Gordon | Head of Innovation of McBride

  12. New partnership models for accelerating innovation

    Dr. Graham Cross | Director of Commercial Alliances and Supplier Innovation of Unilever (The Netherlands)

  13. Networking Refreshment Break

Textile Focus Session and Q&A

  1. Alternative methods for cleaning fabrics with a washing machine

    Oscar Calvo, Researcher and Technical Coordinator of R+D Projects, AITEX

    The presentation will explore the use of natural compounds to achieve durable antibacterial/hygienic properties to fabrics and development of methodology to study the interaction between cleaning level and fabric quality.

  2. QCM-D for Analysing surfactant efficiency in real-time using standardized soil stains

    Fredrik Andersson | Application Scientist Q-Sense of Biolin Scientific AB

  3. Implications of modern fabrics for a sustainable future

    Sarah Adams | Senior Research Project Leader of Unilever

  4. Q&A Session

  5. Closing Remarks

  6. Networking Drinks Reception

Conference Day 2

Welcome to Cleaning Products Europe 2015

  1. Introduction from Chairman

    Dr Christoph Kolano | Associate Director Consumer Care of Lonza

  2. Taking Sustainability to the next level in P&G’s Fabric Care business through innovations and actions

    Katrin Meincke, Senior Communications Manager, Global Fabric Care Sustainability and Senso Franchise, Procter & Gamble

  3. APEX: New trends in I&I dishwashing

    Andrew Leugers | Programme Leader- Warewashing of ECOLAB

    This presentation will cover general details of trends in the I & I market, the Ecolab approach with respect to those trends, and finally a case study of APEX will show how recent innovations in I & I dishwashing go after offering customers a total solution to meet all their needs and desires.

  4. Networking Refreshment Break

Challenges and Opportunities in Ingredients for Cleaning Products

  1. Current Challenges Facing the development of ingredients for the Cleaning market - Innovation vs. sustainability

    Farooq Alam | Global Strategic Marketing of Dow Chemical

    This presentation will give an industry overview of some key challenges and opportunities in the   cleaning market, representing an industry approach to innovation in ingredients and technologies that     offer sustainability benefits in end use applications. It will also examine some of the key ingredient components of cleaning formulations and the challenges in combining innovation and sustainability.

  2. Fragrance challenge as we approach 2020

    Shawn Blythe | Vice President - Global Regulatory Affairs of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

    An overview of key challenges and opportunities facing the fragrance industry, and the consumer product companies who use fragrances in their products.

  3. Achieving High Performance Cleaning with Safe Chemistry

    Steve Block | Director, Marketing & Business Development of Elevance Renewable Sciences

    Companies have turned to bio-renewable feedstocks as the starting basis for developing regulation-compliant solvent alternatives for conventional aromatic and hydrocarbon solvents. For example, fatty acid methyl esters originating from soybean or rapeseed oil feedstocks and terpenes from citrus (d-limonene) and pine (turpentine) oils have been implemented as environmentally friendly substitutes in many HI&I cleaning products.

    However, these biobased solvents exhibit intrinsic disadvantages that have limited their acceptance as cleaning solvents. For example, fatty acid alkyl esters that provide desired EHS improvements generally do not match the solvency power and cleaning speed of the solvents they are intended to replace. Finding a solvent that bridges the gap of offering a favourable environmental profile together with superior performance has been a challenge in the industry’s path toward sustainability and compliance with alternatives now place enabling manufacturers to meet their goals.

  4. Q&A Session

  5. Networking Lunch

  6. Closing Session introduction from Chairman

    Dr Mark Stalmans | Global Product Stewardship & Sustainability of Procter & Gamble

  7. CLP challenges: which changes are ahead - how to prepare for the consumer

    Dr Peter Douben | Director of REACHWise

  8. Steering sustainability progress: the value of common sectoral approaches

    Valerie Sejourne | Director Communications & Sustainability of A.I.S.E.

  9. Confronting sustainability: the retailer-consumer challenge

    Brian Sansoni, Vice President - Sustainability Initiatives, ACI

  10. Closing remarks & review of key take-aways

    Evaluation form prize winner announced

  11. End of Conference