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Lactips is an industrial company based in Saint Jean Bonnefonds (France) which produces a plastic free, water soluble and biodegradable raw material (pellets) made of milk protein.

Our first product is dedicated for the detergent market: our pellets are transformed into films to wrap tabs, powders in uni-doses for dishwashers and washing machines. The casein used for this application is unfit for human consumption, it is technical casein.

Our product is a cleaner alternative to oil-based product, more efficient and sustainable for consumers and the environment.

Our product:

  • is plastic free
  • is water soluble in cold and hot water
  • leaves no residues after washing nor in the environment
  • leaves no plugged filters
  • is gas barrier
  • is printable
  • is fully biodegradable
  • is bio sourced
  • is nontoxic in the aquatic environment