Cleaning Products Europe Online Agenda

DAY ONE - Wednesday 1 July

Wednesday 1st July

All timings shown are BST

  1. Moderator's opening remarks

    Ian Bell | Head of Home Care, Tissue & Hygiene Research of Euromonitor International

Session 1 – Re-thinking the Cleaning Products Market

  1. Home Care and the Mechanism of Consumption in the COVID-19 Era

    Filip Hoffmann-Häußler | Senior Research Analyst – Home & Tech / Project Lead – Home Care of Euromonitor International

    • Wider landscape – from disruption to inversion
    • Threat as a consumption driver
    • Who does hygiene
    • Consumption over four horizons
  2. Impact of COVID-19 on HI&I ingredients : short and long-terms changes

    Nikola Matic | Director, Chemicals & Materials of Kline & Company

    • Introduction to the global HI&I ingredients market
    • The Covid-19 situation and its implications on the supply/demand of HI&I ingredients in 2020
    • Changes in consumers behavior and their potential long-term impact on ingredients

Session 2: Hygiene - updates and insights

  1. COVID-19 : perspective from the European manufacturers of cleaning, hygiene and disinfectant products

    Elodie Cazelle | Senior Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager of A.I.S.E. aisbl

    • Critical role of disinfectants during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond
    • Main challenges faced by the biocides industry during the crisis 
    • Biocides industry response and Cross-Industry Alliance on COVID-19
  2. Disinfectant Cleaning Products: Efficacy Testing

    Céline Janvier | Senior Regulatory Expert, Biocides of Staphyt Regulatory

    • Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, No 528/2012) EN 14885 Disinfectants Efficacy
    • Testing strateg4
    • Guidance documents
    • Co-formulants
  3. Break

  4. Testing services that support the development and commercialisation of infection prevention products during COVID-19

    Perfectus Biomed Ltd

    • Obtaining virucidal efficacy claims for biocides – increase in demand for product testing standards to meet a global pandemic
    • Biocidal coating to prevent the transmission of pathogens
    • Validation of cleaning methods for reusable PPE
    • Decontamination of airborne pathogens
    • Development of customised methods to support novel solutions
  5. An interactive all speaker panel session: What can we expect for the future of cleaning products?

    All speaker panel session

Session 3 Holistic Trends - Green Products & Formulations

  1. Sustainable Sourcing of Palm (Kernel) Oil in the Cleaning Sector

    Dr. Inke Van Der Sluijs | Head of European Operations of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

    • The use of palm (kernel) oil and the concerns about unsustainable practices and the impacts of sustainable production
    • An overview on how companies can contribute to a successful market transformation
  2. Case studies: Delivering Sustainability to the Cleaning Market

    Ryan McDonald | Applications Scientist of Croda

    • Sustainability challenges the HI&I markets with consumers expecting sustainable brands without sacrificing the performance of their product lines
    • Common green surfactant choices such as APGs carry recognised renewability claims
    • Case studies on the use of green surfactant for automatic dishwashing
    • Croda's commitments to a future of sustainable cleaning
  3. Moderator’s summary and end of day 1

    Ian Bell | Head of Home Care, Tissue & Hygiene Research of Euromonitor International

DAY TWO - Thursday 2 July

Thursday 2nd July

All timings shown are BST

  1. Moderator's opening remarks

    Dr. Mark Stalmans | Global Product Stewardship & Sustainability of Procter & Gamble

Session 4: Sustainability, recycling and the circular economy

  1. The A.I.S.E. Strategy on Sustainable Development – Helping Companies to Contribute to the European Green Deal and the Global UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Sascha Nissen | Director of Sustainability of A.I.S.E., Belgium

    • An overview of key A.I.S.E. initiatives in supporting companies to progress on sustainable development agendas, including the new Charter for Sustainable Cleaning 2020+
  2. Breaking the Clean vs Care Paradigm: The Role of Fabric Care Products in Improving Clothing Longevity and Sustainability

    Dr. Neil Lant | Research Fellow, Fabric & Home Care R&D of Procter & Gamble

    • Clothing integrity loss and disposal has an enormous environmental impact, but what are the key drivers of decay?
    • All fabric care products are not the same! The combination of the ‘right’ products and washing cycles can significantly increase garment lifetimes by 3x+ and reduce microfiber release
    • Recent advances in product technology development such as powerful new enzymes for deep cleaning are helping to break the clean vs care paradigm
  3. Eliminating the Idea of Waste

    Lucy Kirkup | Business Development Manager of TerraCycle Europe

    • How do we define waste and how has modern consumption contributed to the problem
    • Recycling the "hard-to-recycle"
    • Integrating recycled content back into packaging
    • Eliminating the idea of waste altogether - Loop, the modern day milkman
  4. Water Soluble Films Used in Home and Fabric Care: Environmental Perspective & Regulatory Landscape

    Dr. Yash Parulekar | Global Product Strategy and Stewardship of MonoSol, LLC, a Kuraray Division

    • The technology behind water-soluble biodegradable films used in home and fabric-care applications
    • Biodegradable polymers
    • Microplastic-free/ the environmental perspective with respect to the current regulatory landscape on microplastics
  5. Break

Session 5 – Consumer expectations and new developments

  1. Case studies: the journey of different brands that have gone from offering conventional products to offering skin-friendly products

    Lene Stiil | CEO & Co-Founder of AllergyCertified, Denmark

    • Consumer guidance
    • What ingredients are troubling when it comes to allergies?
    • When do we expect the ketchup effect on the detergents market?
    • Will allergies become a global trend?
  2. Testing the safety and efficacy of home and personal care products: Allergy and beyond

    Dr Maria Oliver | Senior Scientist of Indoor Biotechnologies Ltd

    • Allergens in the indoor environment
    • Validating allergen removal claims
    • Do cleaning products contribute to allergy?

    Viral testing capabilities

  3. Exilva Microfibrillated Cellulose: A sustainable Biobased Rheology additive and Formulation Problem Solver

    Rebecca Blell | Technical Sales Manager of Borregaard

    • A new type of structuring agent to use in liquid cleaning products and disinfectants
    • A non-soluble fibrillar material allowing stabilization and thickening of harsh formulations (with extreme pH, oxidizing agents and different types of surfactants)
    • A shear thinning additive allowing spraying of thick and thin formulations with a non-dripping effect
    • Advantages and challenges in its use



  4. Cleaning Products Industry Disruption: From fire fighting to leading through change

    Bruce Beilfuss | Vice President, Strategy, Consumer Goods of Veeva

    How leading Cleaning product companies are proactively creating a stronger future through cloud Quality, Regulatory and Product Claims solutions. Bringing innovative high quality products to market faster without compromising compliance using: 

    • Resilience – relentless prioritization on the what, with flexibility on the how
    • Agility – rapidly evolving to create opportunities and solidify advantages
    • Acceleration – adapting solutions to users instead of forcing user adoption 
  5. Moderator's summary and end of event

    Dr. Mark Stalmans | Global Product Stewardship & Sustainability of Procter & Gamble