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Sponsor interview with Matthew Davies

60 seconds with an Enterprise Account Executive at Veeva

Would you please give us a quick overview of your company and your role within it?

At Veeva, our focus is to make a difference in the quality and joy in people’s lives by helping companies bring high quality, innovative, and compliant products to market faster through unified, agile, and industry disrupting cloud software. More specifically, we provide solutions that connect and harmonize functions across the product journey for R&D, Regulatory, Quality, and Product Claims teams.

As an Enterprise Account Executive, my focus is on helping our prospects and customers understand changing market dynamics and new capabilities, align these opportunities with their business priorities, and ultimately help them not only bring new capabilities to life but also set them up for the ongoing agility they need to keep pace with change.

What do you see as the biggest industry challenges right now and going forward within the household goods industry?

Companies today are under significant pressure to provide products that are transparent in their origins, safer for consumers, and sustainable for our world - all without compromising on quality, time to market, or compliance. While many of these pressures are being driven by external forces such as consumer expectations, evolving regulations, and traditional and start up competitors it’s the internal issues that are complicating things. Siloed business functions, managing external partners and suppliers, acquisitions and divestitures, and legacy technology are the typical culprits.

Going forward these pressures aren’t going to go away. In fact, we believe many of these pressures are going to expand and force industries to work together much more closely than they ever have before in order to deliver on ingredient transparency and traceability, sustainability, and other full value chain related topics.

What are you seeing the companies do to address these challenges?

Leading organizations are reinventing themselves to focus on agility, collaboration, and transparency. Regarding agility, they are adjusting how they’re organized, how they operate their businesses, and the technology solutions they leverage to stay ahead of changing consumer expectations, competition, and regulatory needs. Per collaboration, a lot of business operations are no longer done just “within the four walls” of a company and with tight deadlines and fewer resources, communication is critical so mistakes are not made - mistakes that could significantly damage a brand and company.

Finally, when it comes to transparency it’s really about the bigger picture of being data driven. Transparency enables insights into your own operations, unlocks new insights, and provides the ability to answer questions around traceability, sustainability, etc. The real secret sauce is when these areas of focus are combined - allowing cross industry partnerships to drive new innovation faster, without compromising quality or compliance.

What are you most looking forward to at the Cleaning Products Europe Conference 2020?

Attending the Cleaning Products Europe Conference provides a great opportunity to hear directly from industry leaders on the challenges and opportunities facing their business, to get the latest perspectives on trends and hot topics, but more importantly to network and share experience, ideas, and best practices.