2017 Agenda

Smithers Apex is pleased to announce the 2017 agenda for Cleaning Products US

Day 1: October 10

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  2. Opening Remarks

    Kimberlee Rohrer, Head of Production – Americas, Smithers APEX Brian Sansoni, VP Communication, Membership and Sustainability, American Cleaning Institute

    Kimberlee Rohrer, Head of Production - Americas, Smithers Apex

    Brian Sansoni, VP Communication, Membership and Sustainability, American Cleaning Institute

Session I: Acquiring a Taste for New Business

A session on acquisitions and new entrepreneurs

Moderator: Brian Sansoni, VP Communication, Membership and Sustainability, American Cleaning Institute

  1. An Acquired Taste

    Brian Del Buono | former Sr. Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Sun Products

    coming soon!

  2. How to Start a Startup

    Brad Barron | Senior Brand Manager, Home Care of The Honest Company

    “How to Start a Startup” will provide insight into the Honest journey as a newcomer in a crowded cleaning marketplace.  Through successes and challenges along the way, we’ve learned the importance of understanding our consumer, developing a distinct point of view (and difference), and staying true to the core values that inspired the company in the first place.  Following these tenets has helped to create opportunities for Honest to grow and transform the cleaning industry, enabling consumers to make more educated choices and live healthy, happy lives.

Session II: Making Scents in 2017

A session on fragrance trends

Moderator: Dr. Madhusudan Patel, Director of Biotechnology & Strategic Partnerships, IFF

  1. You can’t Spell Sniff without IFF

    Kip Cleverley | Vice President, Global Sustainability of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.

    International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (NYSE:IFF) (Euronext Paris:IFF), a leading innovator of sensory experiences that move the world, today sets a new benchmark for fragrance sustainability with the release of the first-ever Cradle to Cradle Certified fragrance, PuraVita. The fragrance, which has notes of green apple, wood, apricot and vanilla, is a proof of concept for an innovative approach to sustainable fragrance creation. PuraVita is a model for what can be achieved when perfumers pair creativity with sustainable design principles.

  2. Fragrance Safety Assessments

    Anne Marie Api, Ph.D. | RIFM Science Fellow, Human Health Sciences of RIFM

    The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, Inc. (RIFM) has been engaged in the substantiation of the safety of fragrance materials since RIFM’s creation in 1966.  The intent and benefits of the RIFM research program are to advance the science that supports the fragrance industry’s commitment to human health and environmental responsibility.  This presentation will provide RIFM’s updated approach to fragrance safety assessments. 

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Session III: It's No Sneezing Matter

A session on allergens and allergy standards

Moderator: Dr. Madhusudan Patel, Director of Biotechnology & Strategic Partnerships, IFF

  1. Assessment of Factors Affecting Health and Wellness in the Indoor Space

    Dr. Bruce Mitchell | CEO & Founder of AIRMID Health Group

    Health and wellness in the indoor space require a multifaceted approach to cleaning. Both air and surfaces must be considered. Assessment of the effect of various intervention strategies must be based upon modelling approaches incorporating accurate, representative sampling and measurement of a variety of bioaerosols ranging from viruses to allergens and chemicals. Ultimately exposure will be dependent on the interaction between three variables, namely source control, cleaning strategy and air change rate. These factors will be discussed.

  2. Allergy Standards

    Dr. John McKoen | CEO of Allergy Standards

    According to the EPA, we spend 90% of our time indoors, yet the FTC, NIH, and FDA are all silent on the issues around the use of the word ‘hypoallergenic.’ Eco-friendly may not be “human friendly,” which is why a national voluntary scientific certification program in association with a national patient association is necessary and it can also add value to manufacturers, retailers, and the community at large. 

  3. The State of the Science: Evaluating Cleaning Product Exposure and Asthma Prevalence

    Dr. Andrew Maier | Associate Professor of Environmental and Industrial Hygiene of University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine

    Potential relationships between asthma prevalence and the use of consumer products are very challenging to evaluate. As a proactive approach to health management, a systematic product ingredient safety assessment method has been developed. This method features support for hazard and safety assessments that include tools for scoring data relevance and reliability and integration of different types of data. A case study using acetic acid based products will be highlighted.

  4. Closing Comments from the Moderator

  5. Opening Reception

Day 2: October 11

Session IV: The Dose Makes the Purchase

A session on packaging design

Moderator: Dr. Steven Bolkan, Director of Research, Church & Dwight Co. Inc.

  1. Package Design and Prototyping Techniques to Expedite Development

    Craig Hidalgo | President of Definitive Design Corporation

    This presentation will cover the use of rapid prototyping and traditional prototyping for expediting and validating new product development processes.  From living hinges to clear plastic bottles, we will review the best practice for designing and achieving functional prototypes that can be used in real-functional testing. The talk will also cover a high-level overview of the most commonly used 3D Printing and additive manufacturing technologies.

  2. The New DFE – Design for the Elderly

    Fred Richards | Chief Creative Officer & Partner of Kaleidoscope

    How does designing for the elderly change the package, for reduced dexterity and the label for reduce vision?

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Session V: Recycling Your Business

A session on recycled products

Moderator: Dr. Steven Bolkan, Director of Research, Church & Dwight Co. Inc.

  1. Changing how People think about Garbage and Recycling

    Tom Szaky | CEO of Terracycle

    Listen to TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky as he talks about how his company gives value to garbage and creates solutions for some of the world’s biggest waste problems. He will also talk about the global state of recycling, the effort to educate consumers and companies about environmental issues, and what the next big idea may be.

  2. Sustainable Innovations in Flexible Packaging

    Francisco Paz | Market Development & Value Chain Manager, Packaging and Specialty Plastics of The Dow Chemical Company

    In addition to the RecycleReady technology, this talk will also cover the PacXpert technology and some other new innovations dealing with recycling packaging. 

  3. Lunch and Networking

Session VI: Cold Calling

A Session on cold water washing

Moderator: Dr. Andras Nagy, Applied Technology Manager Household Care, Nutrition & Care, Evonik Corporation

  1. Hot Topic – Greater Awareness of Cold Water Washing

    Nancy Bock | Senior Vice President, Education of American Cleaning Institute

    Washing your clothes in cold water is starting to pick up steam, as some consumers realize that they can do most of their loads of laundry using the low temperature setting on their washing machine. The American Cleaning Institute, in partnership with The Sustainability Consortium, has embarked on a “Cold Water Saves” campaign on three college campuses to raise awareness of the environmental, economic, and aesthetic benefits of cold water laundering, targeting the “consumers of tomorrow.” 

  2. Improved Cold Water Washing by the Addition of Soil Release Polymers

    Rodrigo Mena-Brito | Technical Account Manager, Home Care of Clariant

    One of the major challenges when washing clothes at low temperatures even with detergents containing enzymes is the removal of solid fatty stains. This is a problem which already exists in much of the world where cold washing is the norm, but is becoming more apparent in Europe and the USA as consumers lower their washing temperatures. The use of a suitable soil release polymer can play a significant role in alleviating this problem. An increase in washing temperature can only increase the removal of sebum-carbon black (standard stain in laundry tests) by a limited amount, whereas washing with a soil release polymer-containing detergent can lead to a large increase in soil removal, even at colder temperatures.

  3. The Challenge of Going Green

    Annemarieke van Heeswijk | Global Category Leader Liquid Enzymes of DuPont Home & Personal Care division

    Consumers today are understandably concerned about sustainability, as demands for natural resources continue to challenge supplies. By 2030, the world's population will reach 8.3 billion, boosting demand for food and energy by 50% and fresh water by 30%. The challenge is clear from a macro perspective, but it is how consumers and businesses are responding and reacting to this new world order which is most significant.

    Simply lowering machine temperatures when doing laundry is one of the options that the consumer has to contribute to the environmental challenge. It helps fight climate change and protect the environment, it’s good for people’s clothes and their electricity bills. Unfortunately there is a barrier; the consumer does not feel confident that a lower temperature wash will always deliver the clean experience that they are looking for.

    DuPont will take a deeper dive into the underlying reasons for this barrier as well as address what they are doing to achieve the cleaning power of warm-water washing at cold-water temperature in order to have the final product help save energy at no compromise to performance.

  4. Networking Break

Session VII: On the Surface

A session on different surface cleaners

Moderator: Dr. Andras Nagy, Applied Technology Manager Household Care, Nutrition & Care, Evonik Corporation

  1. What’s New in Surface Cleaning Technologies

    Terry Kitagawa | Associate Research Fellow of The Clorox Company

    Sodium hypochlorite is one of the most storied, versatile, and well-studied consumer chemistries in use today.  Because of its high reactivity, it can be challenging to develop novel formulations containing it.  This talk will discuss Clorox’s innovative use of polymers in our newest sodium hypochlorite cleaning technology.

  2. Panel: Health and Safety with Cleaning Products

  3. Closing Remarks from the Moderator

Day 3: October 12

Exhibit Hall Open & Breakfast

  1. Opening Remarks from the Moderator

Session IX: A Dash to a New Marketplace

A Session on on-line ordering and E-commerce

Moderator: Steve Block, Director, Business Development, Elevance Renewable Sciences

  1. Clicks before Bricks

    Online ordering trends

Session X: What in the World

A session Focusing on an international update

Moderator: Steve Block, Director, Business Development, Elevance Renewable Sciences

  1. What's Going on in Latin America

    Antonio Calcagnotto | President of ALIADA (Cleaning Products LATAM Association) and President of ABIPLA – (Brazilian manufacturing of Cleaning Products Industry) of ABIPLA/ALIADA

  2. The Direction Laundry Care is Heading in Europe: Rise of the Machines – From Automation and Smart Home to Auto-Alchemy

    Ian Bell | Head of Home Care, Tissue & Hygiene Research of Euromonitor International

    Changes in technology, lifestyle as well as environmental considerations are all having a significant influence on the path of laundry care development in the European market. While earlier the pace of development pointed to a fairly predictable, even sedate, there are growing signs that the industry is on the cusp of a period of rapid change with a great deal of disruption just over the horizon.

  3. Networking Break

Session XI: Water, Rising to the Sea-Level

Moderator: Brian Sansoni, VP Communication, Membership and Sustainability, American Cleaning Institute


  1. Waterless Cleaning

    Dr. Andras Nagy | Applied Technology Manager Household Care/North America of Evonik Corporation

    Global water shortage is a growing problem. Even if water is abundant in some areas now, it may not always be that way. Many parts of the world do not even have enough, good quality drinking water. As an industry, we need to help in water conservation efforts. This presentation highlights water saving solutions and addresses “rinse-free” cleaning when limiting use of water becomes essential. 

  2. Water Conservation: A Critical Success Factor for Thriving Industry

    Scott Berry | Director of Policy and Government Affairs of US Water Alliance

    Water challenges—whether it’s too much, too little, or poor quality—threaten business growth, impact bottom lines, and create direct operational risks. This session will focus on how a more comprehensive approach to water sustainability can reap benefits for businesses, and the challenges we face as a nation when it comes to water management.

  3. Closing Comments from the Moderator