2017 Agenda

Smithers Apex is pleased to announce the 2017 Cleaning Products Latin America agenda! 

June 27, Day 1



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Session I: What's Happening in and around Latin America/the globe

Moderated by: Juliana D. Marra, External Affairs Manager, Unilever Brasil

  1. Regulatory Convergence in Latin America

    The regulations aren't similar and it's a problem to foreign trade among the continent

  2. Private Label, Growth of Modern Channel in Latam, opportunities/challenges

    A recent study conducted by market research company Nielsen shows that the private label sector continues to grow in Latin America. The combined sales figures of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico represent monthly sales of approximately R$4 billion. The study also found that private label products already account for 6.4% of all sales in grocery stores across the continent.

  3. Competitive Profile: Multinationals Versus Domestic, Opportunities and Challenges

  4. Networking Break and Snacks

  5. Downtrading Due to Economic Crisis

  6. Black Market Growth

  7. Panel With Latam Cleaning Associations

  8. End of Day Notes

  9. Networking Reception

June 28, Day 2

Session II: Crossroads of Innovation and Afforability

Moderators: Michael Ott & Cristiane Canto

  1. Balancing Innovation and Affordability

    David Mackinson | Research Manager of Euromonitor International

    Affordability tops global consumers’ list of reasons for purchasing a new product, but there are regional differences in the order of importance placed on this attribute. In Asia-Pacific, affordability is the third-most important reason for purchasing a new product, behind value and convenience. North Americans place affordability second on their list, behind novelty and tied with brand recognition. In Latin America, affordability is just slightly behind brand recognition as the reason for making a new product purchase.

    How has this dynamic changed in Latin America in times of crisis? Recession, inflation, unemployment, and a more expensive US dollar are just a few factors that are pushing consumers in the region to trade down, and to consider more affordable options, regardless of the brand name. Meanwhile, the modern grocery channel is now the preferred one-stop shop for time-scrapped Latinos, meaning retailers and private labels have a real opportunity to gain market share. Private Labels represent only 3% of the Home Care market in Latin America, a rate well below the 17% in Western Europe, for example.

    In this presentation we’ll discuss how important affordability is to Latin America consumers, we’ll talk about other markets and specific brands in times of economic crisis, and we’ll give an overview of the consumers’  profile and opportunities in this market.  

  2. Business Model and Innovative Thinking to Overcome Affordability Barriers

    Cristiane Ramalhoso | Associate of Reckitt Benckiser

    This talk will cover innovation in other areas such as manufacturing process, business model, distribution in order to be able to deliver to consumers affordable high quality products instead of low cost and low quality products. 

  3. Innovation in Latin America

    In spite of the internal barriers such as the lack of strong public innovation policies and a large venture capital base, Latin America is seen recently a growth in the private sector effort to develop new technologies, products and startups. The region is still far ahead from the developed world but some Latinas are emerging as disruptors in different industries. 

  4. Networking Break

  5. Affordable Innovation for Companies

    Invited: DepiRole

    In our increasingly resource constrained world, consumers are demanding affordable, high-quality products that are more environmentally and socially inclusive. How to do innovation quickly, flexibly, cheaply and with close attention to consumers?

    This talk will address best practices, tools (crowd Innovation platforms, crowd sourcing), discuss about competences such as use of local resources, break down a complex process/product and rebuild in the most economical way) to cost-effectively develop products of high quality that delivers real value to customers/consumers. 

  6. Packaging's Role in Affordability

    Smaller packages or uni-dose. The value is sometimes worse but the price point is lower so it’s more affordable… how does that play into the crossroads of innovation and affordability.

Session III: Sustainability: Limpeza Consciente

  1. Packaging Recycling

    The Dow Chemical Company

    How different types of packaging can turn into another packaging. What are the main challenges?

  2. Compacted & Concentrated Product

    Guilherme Gennari | R&D Manager of Unilever

    How the technology to compact products could be apply to all companies. What are the main challenges?

  3. Different Strategies for Sustainability

    Dr. Andre Chieffi | R&D Manager of Procter & Gamble

    This talk will give different examples for ways to become more sustainable. This talk will look at ways to reduce energy and make more sustainable materials but mostly look at how we can help the consumer to become more sustainable.

  4. Networking Break and Snacks

  5. How Retailers are Rethinking Sustainability

    Paulo Pompillo | Director of Corporate Relations of GPA

    Coming soon! 

  6. BioSurfactants

    Eraldo Pereira | Business Director - Latin America Consumer Specialties of Evonik Degussa Brasil Ltda

    Coming soon! 

  7. Closing Comments

June 29, Day 3

Session IV: New Trends in the LatAm Market

Moderators: David Mackinson & Eraldo Pereira

  1. Marketing to Millenials

    How are cleaning companies using marketing tools like social media to reach the younger generation. What are the new marketing platforms out there for millennials. What kind of message do millennials want to hear from the cleaning industry. 

  2. Neuromarketing: Understanding the Science of Influence

    Billy Nascimento | Co-CEO of Forebrain

    Neuromarketing is a new science that looks to understand how marketing stimuli influence peoples choices and experiences. In this presentation, Billy Nascimento will show how Neuromarketing is reshaping the way how market and product research can be developed, via the use of new technologies and methodologies that allows deeper understanding about consumer's hidden behaviors, thoughts and emotions.

  3. Networking Break and Snacks

  4. Convenience: How Important is it in LatAm Home Care

    Roberto Okeda | LatAm and Mena - Home Care CDU Senior Brand Manager Marketing of The Clorox Company

    Convenience as a trend. How to make consumers start their consumption trade up journey, from basic to more convenient products. Clorox Bleach case showing how actively nudges consumers toward higher value CPG products across countries, in multiple stages of development. Positive impact for business and consumer´s life.

  5. Wipes

  6. Fragrance

  7. Closing Comments