2017 Programme

Thank you to our 2017 Programme Advisory Board:

  • Mark Stalmans, Global Product Stewardship GPS, Procter & Gamble
  • Mike Harris, Technical Manager, Household, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd
  • Christoph Kolano, Associate Director Consumer Care, LONZA
  • Ian Bell, Industry Analyst, Euromonitor
  • Kate Geraghty, Global Sustainability Leader, Dow Europe GmbH
  • John Pickering, Sales & Marketing Manager EMEA, Innospec Inc
  • Johan Jansen-Storbacka, Global Marketing Director, Home & Personal Care, DuPont Industrial Biosciences

The 2017 Cleaning Products Europe agenda brought you a full programme filled with high quality, innovative and timely discussions dedicated to the future of cleaning.

Pre-Conference Tour | 14 March

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Conference Day 1

Registration & Welcome

Registration & Welcome Coffee

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  3. 'You Gotta Have Soul' - Home Care Future: From Tomorrow to the Connected Home

    Ian Bell | Head of Home Care, Tissue & Hygiene Research of Euromonitor International

    The retail home care industry in the EU still has great potential regardless of recent economic and political issues. There is however suggestions from around the world that the relationship between brand owners, retailers and consumers is changing, becoming more fragmented and less predictable. How might this pan out over the medium term and how seriously should the industry be looking at the connected home of the not too distant future as a key part of their future value equation? Is home care on the periphery or central to injecting some ‘humanity into what has hitherto been a fairly soulless evolution of technology which has left consumers scratching their heads. Home care could and should be a key enabler.

Session I: Collaboration Fueling the Future

This session will look at current successes and struggles in all aspects of cleaning, and how these different areas continue to work together as the industry continues to evolve.


Moderator: Mark Stalmans, Global Product Stewardship GPS, Procter & Gamble

  1. The Socio-Economic Perspective of the Industry in EU

    Dr. Susanne Zänker | Director General of A.I.S.E.

    The European household care and professional cleaning and hygiene industry provides public benefits that go well beyond the economic gains of business activities. An overview of both the economic contributions and the benefits to society will be presented. This industry is a substantial contributor to the European economy –cleaning and hygiene technologies enhance the productivity of Europe’s economy and enable other businesses to be more efficient. Continuous investment in innovation, safety and sustainability leads to growth and jobs. 

  2. Smart Cleaning - Home Appliances 2025

    Marta Yuste | Environmental Policy Specialist of CECED - European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers

    In a dynamic and changing environment, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), home appliance industry looks at future. Within CECED HA2025 Vision, home appliance industry forecasts an enormous evolution of equipment in order to fulfil consumers expectation and provide an improved laundry experience. Collaboration with cleaning products industry is needed to ensure prefect laundries while protecting environment and health.

  3. Networking Break and Coffee

  4. Insight from the CEFIC

    Ann Dierckx | Sustainable Development Manager of CEFIC

    The context for sustainable business is changing fast, as highlighted by the Sustainable Development Goals and COP 21.  A new lens is applied to the private sector; governments and civil society increasingly understand the pivotal role of the private sector in generating economic, environmental and social value.  The chemical industry as the industry of molecules has a key role to play to facilitate resource efficiency, to stimulate a circular and low carbon economy and to develop more sustainable product solutions. What priorities should Cefic focus on?  How to develop a long-term strategic agenda?

  5. Panel: Is Collaboration Really Happening

    Moderator: Mark Stalmans, Global Product Stewardship GPS, Procter & Gamble

    How are different industries working together to create the best products? Are we collaborating efficiently, or are there areas where we can learn to be more creative together?

    • Susanne Zänker, Director General, AISE
    • Marta Yuste, Environment Policy Specialist, CECED
    • Ann Dierickx, Sustainable Development Manager, CEFIC
  6. Lunch Break

Session II: Going Green and Staying in the Black

This session will take a look at how companies are finding ways to recycle and be sustainable while still turning a profit.


Moderator: Kate Geraghty, Global Sustainability Leader, Dow Europe GmbH

  1. Sustainability Marches On: A U.S. Cleaning Products Industry Perspective

    Brian Sansoni | VP Sustainability Initiatives & VP Communication and Membership of American Cleaning Institute

    Moderator: Kate Geraghty, Global Sustainability Leader, Dow Europe GmbH

    While the manufacturing community is getting used to a new Presidential Administration in charge in Washington, D.C., the cleaning products industry continues to provide substantive leadership in incorporating sustainability throughout the supply chain. In 2015, the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) published its first-ever materiality assessment for the industry, which can help prioritize issues of greatest importance to ACI’s membership. As an outcome of that assessment and the stakeholder engagement work completed over the last year, ACI has begun to explore opportunity areas, made visible by this analysis, where the association may be able to play a role in driving progress. ACI’s Brian Sansoni will provide an update on that process and pinpoint examples of sustainability leadership throughout ACI’s membership.   

  2. AIM Initiative "Nudging for Good"

    Dr Mark Stalmans | Global Product Stewardship & Sustainability of Procter & Gamble

    This talk will cover details on the AIM “Nudging for Good’ initiative (www.nudgingforgood.com), specifically how it relates to brands in the consumer goods industry/sector and how this is presently being deployed.

  3. Networking Break and Coffee

  4. Europe's Transition to a circular economy - EU Ecolabel criteria on detergents

    Kristine Dorosko | Policy Officer Sustainable Production, Products & Consumption of European Commission

    The EU Ecolabel is a voluntary environmental labelling scheme. Thanks to transparent ecological criteria it enables, consumers to make conscious choices, without compromising on the quality of the products.

    The label shall be awarded in consideration of European environmental and ethical objectives and it also promotes Europe's transition to a circular economy, supporting both sustainable production and consumption. First half of 2017 the European Commission is adopting  6 criteria sets for detergents that includes laundry detergents, dishwasher detergents for professional and household use. There are more than 500 licences across European countries. Products that hold this licence have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle. That includes limited impact to the aquatic environment, provides energy savings and replacement of hazardous substances by safer substances. During the revision process of 6 detergent product groups the European Commission came up with new requirements: even less harmful and classified substances, exclusion of harmful fragrances, additional improvements on recyclability, packaging etc., EU Ecolabel criteria are also the first ones to ban the micro-plastics. 

  5. PANEL: Environmental Labeling

    Moderated by: Susanne Zänker

    Moderator: Susanne Zänker, Director General, AISE

    Kristine Dorosko Policy Officer Sustainable Production, Products & Consumption at DG  Environment (European Commission)

    Brian Sansoni, VP Sustainably Initiatives & VP Communication and Membership, ACI 

    Mark Stalmans, Global Product Stewardship GPS, Procter & Gamble

  6. Closing Remarks for the Day

  7. Networking Reception

Conference Day 2


Welcome Coffee

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Session III: Disruptive Innovation Making Cleaning Even Easier

This session will take a look at how companies continue to innovate to push toward the future. From making ordering on-line event easier, to cleaning without water and even connecting appliances to our phones, learn how companies continue to create new norms.


Moderator: Johan Jansen-Storbacka, Global Marketing Director, Home & Personal Care, DuPont Industrial Biosciences

  1. Scent Marketing

    Rita Domingues | Head of CoC of Products & Materials Testing of Odournet

    Scent marketing is becoming a trend in company branding strategy for creating strong emotional bounds with customers. The characterization of sensorial properties is therefore crucial in product development and testing. This talk will describe an odour analysis on two air fresheners with the same fragrance but different dispensing modes. 

  2. Making Cleaning Easier

    Mauro Davanzo | Above the Floor Category R&D Head of Vileda

    Vileda has stood for innovation and quality, with a focus on producing durable and convenient products developed and produced using safe materials with state-of–the-art technology.

  3. The Fast Lane to the Future

    Malin Edvardsson, PhD | Field Application Specialist of Biolin Scientific AB

    Interested and much intrigued, we all follow the forecasts mapping out where the world is heading, and in its wake the consumer demands and expectations on the next generation products. Exposed to an increasing number of insecurities in terms of a lurking political and economic chaos, an alarmingly growing environmental concern and an accelerating pace of living, consumers will demand products that are not adding strain and that are not wasting their time. Hence, the numerous hurdles needing to be conquered in order stay competitive and attractive on our way forward are multifaceted, and the time is short. So how do we get there in time and in a resource efficient manner? If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” said Henry Ford. New challenges require thinking outside the box and the shortcut to meet these product visons goes via new methods. Here we present the latest scientific method that will bypass all the existing detergent development methods and put you in the fast lane towards the faster, cleaner and greener product development.

  4. Networking Break and Coffee

Session IV: Green Innovation

This session will take a look at how companies continue to innovate to push toward the future while staying sustainable. From cold water washing to bio-based surfactants, learn how companies are innovating to help the environment while cleaning more efficiently.


Moderator: Ian Bell, Industry Analyst, Euromonitor

  1. Innovation in Sustainable Supply Chains

    Steve Johnson | Sales and Marketing Manager, Home Care of Croda Europe Ltd

    Sustainability is essential for business with major multinational organisations setting publicly stated goals around environmental responsibility and social accountability. Pressure from both consumers, government and NGO’s is leading to increasing demand for verification of compliance and for changes in raw material sources from petrochemical to sustainable, renewable raw materials. New developments in surfactant chemistry will now allow step changes in bio based content with no compromise in performance. 

  2. More Cleaning with Less Water

    Dr. Andras Nagy | Applied Technology Manager Household Care/North America of Evonik Corporation

    Global water shortage is a growing problem. Even if water is abundant in some areas now, it may not always be that way. Many parts of the world do not even have enough, good quality drinking water. As an industry, we need to help in water conservation efforts. This presentation highlights water saving solutions and addresses “rinse-free” cleaning when limiting use of water becomes essential. 

  3. Enzymes Working For You

    Umar Riaz | Regional marketing manager, CWE, Household Care of Novozymes

    The latest in cold water washing

  4. Closing Remarks & Farewell

  5. Lunch Break